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Case Status
Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Neora, LLC, formerly known as Nerium International, LLC, a Texas limited liability company; Signum Biosciences, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Signum Nutralogix, a Delaware corporation and subsidiary of Signum Biosciences, Inc.; and Jeffrey Olson, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number
162 3099
Civil Action Number
Federal Court
Northern District of Texas

Case Summary

The Federal Trade Commission sued the multi-level marketer Neora, LLC, formerly known as Nerium International, LLC, and its Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Olson, alleging that the company operates as an illegal pyramid scheme and falsely promises recruits they will achieve financial independence if they join the scheme. The lawsuit also alleged that defendants deceptively promote “EHT” supplements as an antidote to concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy caused by repetitive brain trauma, as well as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. The FTC sought to permanently stop the defendants’ deceptive practices alleged in the complaint. In September 2023, the district court ruled against the FTC on its claims. In May 2024, the district court ruled that Neora could not recover its fees and expenses because the FTC’s position in this case was “substantially justified.”