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I want to thank Kevin Hahm for his work in the Bureau of Competition and, most importantly, for his contribution to our competition enforcement. Kevin, most recently, the Assistant Director for the Mergers IV Division, has been an integral part of the reinvigoration of the hospital merger enforcement efforts within the Bureau. Before becoming Assistant Director, Kevin had served as Deputy Assistant Director of the Mergers IV Division. He worked on multiple litigated cases, including the Commission’s challenges to Advocate/North Shore and Sanford/Mid Dakota Clinic. Kevin leaves a considerable legacy with the many attorneys that he trained and helped develop. The attorneys in and outside Mergers IV that learned from Kevin and the Mergers IV leadership will continue contributing to our on-going efforts to block anticompetitive health provider mergers, as well as anticompetitive retail and consumer products transactions. We wish Kevin the best in his next endeavor.

With Kevin’s departure, it means that we are hiring. Information on the Mergers IV Assistant Director position is available here. Applications are due by May 6, 2020.

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