Educare Centre Services, Inc.

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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, and State of Ohio ex rel. Attorney General Dave Yost, Plaintiffs, v. Educare Centre Services, Inc., a New Jersey corporation, also doing business as Credit Card Services, Card Services, Credit Card Financial Services, Care Net, Tripletel Inc., Revit Educ Srvc, L.L. Vision, Care Value Services, and Card Value Services; Tripletel, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Prolink Vision, S.R.L., a Dominican Republic limited liability company; Sam Madi; Mohammad Souheil, also known as Mohammed Souheil and Mike Souheil; Wissam Abedel Jilal, also known as Sam Jilal; Charles Kharouf; 9896988 Canada Inc., a Canadian company; Globex Telecom, Inc; 9506276 Canada, Inc., Defendants
FTC Matter/File Number:

192 3033

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Federal Injunctions

Federal Court:
Western District of Texas

Case Summary

In their complaint against Educare Centre Services, Inc. and Tripletel, Inc., the Federal Trade Commission and Ohio Attorney General allege that the companies sold sham credit card interest rate reduction services to consumers through telemarketers, including Dominican Republic-based Prolink Vision, S.R.L. The FTC alleged that the defendants promised to significantly reduce the interest rates on consumers’ credit cards, and promised a 100 percent money back guarantee if the promised rate reduction failed to materialize or the consumers were otherwise dissatisfied with the service. These were false promises. Most, if not all, of the defendants’ customers did not receive the promised rate reduction, and the defendants routinely refused to honor refund requests, instead often threatening dissatisfied customers with collections or lawsuits. The FTC and Ohio AG allege that Educare and Tripletel bilked more than $11.5 million from consumers through RCPOs. The court issued temporary restraining orders against Educare Centre Services and Prolink, halting their operations and freezing their assets. The complaint was recently amended to include the Globex defendants (Globex Telecom, Inc., and 9506276 Canada Inc.) and to change relief defendant 9896988 Canada Inc. to a defendant on the merits. The court has subsequently denied a motion by the defendants to dissolve the TRO and issued Preliminary Injunctions against the Educare and Globex defendants.