Acquisition Branch Procurement Opportunities

The Federal Trade Commission's Acquisition Branch is located in Room 701 at 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.; Washington, D.C. 20580. The Acquisition Branch buys goods and services for headquarters and seven regional offices located throughout the United States. Some of the typical goods and services procured are information technology supplies and services, expert witness services (econometrics), and management and administrative support services.

The FTC also encourages the use of the credit card for micro purchases.

The Acquisition Branch does not process a sufficient dollar amount to require the preparation of an agency "forecast plan". The preparation of a forecast plan of anticipated procurement for the current fiscal year is required when an agency procures over $50,000,000.00 in goods and services. The FTC dollar amount reported to the Federal Procurement Data Center is significantly below this amount.

Request for Information Request for information on previously awarded contracts by the Acquisition Branch are processed under the Freedom of Information Act. Request can be made on line.

How To Do Business With the FTC

The Acquisitions Branch retains information on vendors interested in doing business with the FTC for approximately 1 year. This information is retained in the branch "vendor file" with other literature provided by the vendor. Vendors are encouraged to provide catalogs and current GSA schedules to the following Address or Fax to (202) 326-3529: Federal Trade Commission Acquisition Branch, Room 701 600 and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20580   Attention: Vendor File

Service-disabled veteran owned small businesses, firms qualified under the S.B.A. 8(a) program, and Native American-owned small businesses are encouraged to submit company information to the 
"Vendor File" at least once each year.

Additional information regarding procurement activities and payment information is available from:

  • CCR
    The Central Contract Registration site shall be used by all Government agencies beginning on October 1, 2003. This site allows vendors seeking government business to register their specific business information and electronic funds transfer information at one place. Most government agencies will be required to use this site for current vendor information. Vendors who are not currently registered in CCR are encouraged to do so. click on
  • FedBizOpps
    FedBizOpps is the required source for making contracting opportunities accessible through a Government-wide Point of Entry (GPE). On January 1, 2002 the Commerce Business Daily ceased publication. To learn more about FedBizOpps and all Government-wide contracting opportunities please go to the following web site