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The Bureau of Economics periodically hosts seminars given by scholars and practitioners in economic fields related the Federal Trade Commission's missions.  Listed here are the presenters and topics from previous seminar series.  To view the schedule for the current seminar series, go to the seminar series homepage.

Spring 2023

3/9/23Andrei HagiuBoston University QuestromMarketplace LeakageVirtual
3/30/23Daniel Grodzicki Dept. of TreasuryCompetition and Customer Acquisition in the US Credit Card MarketH332
4/13/23Raluca Ursu NYU SternOnline Advertising as Passive SearchH332
4/20/23Sophie Calder-WangPenn WhartonThe Market Impact of Algorithmic Pricing: Evidence from the Multifamily Rental Housing MarketH332
4/27/23Emel Filiz-Ozbay University of MarylandProgressive Random ChoiceH332
5/4/23Tai LamUCLA AndersonPlatform Search Design and Market PowerH332
5/11/23Imke Reimers NortheasternTBDH332
5/18/23Joel Waldfogel University of MinnesotaPlatform Power and Relationships with Suppliers and Spotify and AmazonH332
5/25/23Michael Luca Harvard Business SchoolBlack Ownership Matters: Does Revealing Race Increase Demand For Minority-Owned Businesses?H332
6/1/23Michael Rubens UCLAOligopsony Power and Factor-Biased Technology AdoptionH332
6/8/23Alex Imas University of Chicago BoothDynamic Inconsistency in Risky Choice: Evidence from the Lab and FieldH332
6/15/23Jeff Qiu Dept. of JusticeWin/Loss Data, Consumer Switching Costs: Measuring Diversion Ratios and the Impact of MergersH332
6/29/23Amalia Miller University of VirginiaAlgorithmic Bias and Historical Injustice: Race and Social Media AdvertisingH332

Fall 2022

9/14/22Yves Gueron Seoul National UniversityInnovation, Learning, and Killer AcquisitionsH332
9/29/22Navdeep Sahni Stanford GSBSophisticated Consumers with Inertia: Long-Term Implications from a Large-Scale Field ExperimentH332
10/6/22Renata Gaineddenova Yale/MITPricing and Efficiency in a Decentralized Ride-Hailing PlatformH332
10/13/22Cristobal Cheyre Forestier CornellThe Impact of the GDPR on Content Providers: A Longitudinal Analysis, plus some preliminary GDPR resultsH332
10/20/22Ambar LaForgia Berkeley HaasGrowing Networks and Growing Families: The Impact of Alliances and Acquisitions on Fertility Clinic OutcomesH332
10/27/22Jonathan Wallen Harvard Business SchoolMany Markets Make Good Neighbors: Multimarket Contact and Deposit BankingH332
11/10/22Guy Aridor Northwestern KelloggDrivers of Digital Attention: Evidence from a Social Media ExperimentH332
11/17/22Timothy Simcoe Boston University QuestromComplementary Multi-sided platformsH332
11/30/22Kirby Nielsen Cal TechThe Gender Gap in Confidence: Expected But Not Accounted ForH332
12/1/22Benjamin Vatter Stanford/MITQuality Disclosure and Regulation: Scoring Design in Medicare AdvantageH332
12/8/22Tobit Gamp Humboldt BerlinGuided SearchH332

Spring 2022

3/3/2022Andrew SweetingShould we expect uncertain merger synergies to be passed on to consumers?Hosted by FTC
3/17/22Paul ScottMarket Structure, Investment and Technical Efficiencies in Mobile TelecommunicationsHosted by FTC
3/31/22Luyi YangRight to Repair: Pricing, Welfare, and Environmental ImplicationsHosted by FTC
3/31/22Tom WollmanDoes entry remedy collusion? Evidence from the generic prescription drug cartelHosted by FTC
4/7/22Chiara FarronatoCustomer Reviews and Regulation: Evidence from NYC restaurantsHosted by FTC
4/14/22Alex MacKayRising Markups and the Role of Consumer PreferencesHosted by FTC
4/21/22Josh FengConsolidation in Drug Markets: Impact on Pricing and AccessHosted by FTC
4/28/22Sike ForbesDoes Competition Benefit Complements? Evidence from Airlines and HotelsHosted by FTC
5/12/22A Tale of Two Networks: Common Ownership and Product Market RivalryBruno PellegrinoHosted by FTC
5/19/22Cailin SlatteryMarket Structure and Political Influence: Estimating the Causal Effect of Concentration on Lobbying in the Auto Retail IndustryHosted by FTC
5/26/22Sebastian FleitasTBDHosted by FTC
6/2/22Jonathan RothWhat’s Trending in Difference-in-Differences?Hosted by FTC

Fall 2021

9/9/2021Jimbo Brand (Microsoft Research)Differences in Differentiation: Raising Variety and Markups in Retail Food ServicesHosted by FTC
9/14/2021Allan Collard Wexler (Duke)TBDHosted by UMD
9/16/2021Mathias Reynaert (Toulouse)Colluding Against Environmental RegulationHosted by FTC
9/30/2021Kelsey Owsley (Univ. of Denver)Understanding the Relationship between Nonprofit Hospital Community Benefit Spending and System Membership: An Analysis of Independent Hospital AcquisitionsHosted by FTC
10/5/2021Sylvia Hristakeva (UCLA)TBDHosted by UMD
10/7/2021Chenyu Yang (UMD)Merger, Product Variety and Firm Entry: the Retail Craft Beer Market in CaliforniaHosted by FTC
10/12/2021Lesley Chiou (Occidental)TBDHosted by UMD
10/14/2021Jonathan Zinman (Dartmouth)TBDHosted by FTC
10/21/2021Maggie Chen (GWU)TBDHosted by FTC
10/26/2021Bob Town (UT Austin)TBDHosted by UMD
10/28/2021Brigham Frandsen (BYU)TBDHosted by FTC
11/2/2021-11/4/2021FTC MICROECONOMICS CONFERENCE Hosted by FTC
11/9/2021Karl Shutter (PSU)TBDHosted by UMD
11/16/21Emily Cuddy (Duke)TBDHosted by UMD
11/18/2021Hunt Allcot (Microsoft Research)TBDHosted by FTC
11/30/2021Robin Lee (Harvard)TBDHosted by UMD
12/2/2021Shi Qi (William and Mary)Cinema Digitization and Movie Industry ConcentrationHosted by FTC
12/9/2021Laura Blattner (Stanford GSB)TBDHosted by FTC
12/16/2021Mark Duggan (Standford)Getting the Price Right? The Impact of Competitive Bidding in the Medicare ProgramHosted by FTC

Spring 2021

2/9/2021Myrto Kalouptsidi (Harvard)Search Frictions and Efficiency in Decentralized Transport MarketsHosted by UMD
2/16/2021Mike Ostrovsky (Stanford GSB)Choice Screen AuctionsHosted by UMD
2/25/2021Michael Whinston (MIT)Concentration Screens for Horizontal MergersHosted by FTC
3/4/2021Ariel Pakes (Harvard)A Helicopter Tour of Some Underlying Issues in Empirical Industrial OrganizationHosted by FTC
3/9/2021Alessandro Gavazza (LSE)Mortgage Pricing and Monetary PolicyHosted by UMD
3/11/2021Jose Azar (Navarra)Revisiting the Anticompetitive Effects of Common OwnershipHosted by FTC
3/18/2021Anna Stansbury (Harvard)Employer Concentration and Outside OptionsHosted by FTC
3/23/2021Ben Shiller (Brandeis)Are Coarse Ratings Fine? Applications to Crashworthiness RatingsHosted by UMD
4/8/2021Nayoung Rim (USNA)The Black-White Recognition Gap in Award NominationsHosted by FTC
4/15/2021Javier Donna (Florida)Direct-to-Consumer Sales by Manufacturers and BargainingHosted by FTC
4/20/2021Thomas Wollmann (Chicago Booth)How to Get Away with Merger: Stealth Consolidation and Its Real Effects on US HealthcareHosted by UMD
4/27/2021John Asker (UCLA)Artificial Intelligence and Pricing: The Impact of Algorithm DesignHosted by UMD
5/6/2021Jonathan Guryan (Northwestern)The Effects of Sexism on American Women: The Role of Norms vs. DiscriminationHosted by FTC
5/11/2021Alan Sorenson (Wisconsin)Embeddings and Distance-based Demand for Differentiated ProductsHosted by UMD
5/13/2021Nicholas Tilipman (UIC)Regulating Out-of-Network Hospital Payments: Disagreement Payoffs, Negotiated Prices, and AccessHosted by FTC
5/27/2021David Byrne (Melbourne)Price Discrimination, Search, and Negotiation in an Oligopoly: A Field Experiment in Retail ElectricityHosted by FTC
6/3/2021Judy Chevalier (Yale)Distributional Impacts of Retail Vaccine AvailabilityHosted by FTC
6/17/2021Nathan Miller (Georgetown) and Gloria Sheu (FRB)Mergers, Entry, and Consumer WelfareHosted by FTC

Fall 2020

9/15/2020Chiara Farronato (HBS)Dog Eat Dog: Measuring Network Effects Using a Digital Platform MergerHosted by UMD
9/22/2020Hui Li (CMU Tepper)Market Shifts in the Sharing Economy: The Impact of Airbnb on Housing RentalsHosted by UMD
9/24/2020Pietro Tebaldi (Chicago)Market Design in Regulated Health Insurance Markets : Risk Adjustment vs SubsidiesHosted by FTC
9/29/2020Mo Xiao (Arizona)Narrowing the Digital Divide: Political Incentives and Provider Competition

Hosted by FTC

(12pm Tuesday)

10/1/2020Anita Rao (Chicago Booth)Industry-funded Research and Bias in Food ScienceHosted by FTC
10/6/2020David Yang (Harvard)Data-intensive Innovation and the State: Evidence from AI Firms in ChinaHosted by UMD
10/13/2020Marc Rysman (BU)Demand for Performance Goods: Import Quotas in the Chinese Movie MarketHosted by UMD
10/21/2020Hanming Fang (Penn)Long-Term Health Insurance: Theory Meets Evidence

Hosted by UMD

(3:30pm Wednesday)

10/29/2020Frank Verboven (KU Leuven)Market Entry, Fighting Brands and Tacit Collusion: Evidence from the French Mobile Telecommunications MarketHosted by FTC
11/5/2020No SeminarFTC Microeconomics Conference 
11/12/2020Rani Spiegler (Tel Aviv)Complexity, competition and market regulation: Ideas from behavioral IO


Hosted by FTC

11/16/20Amit Gandhi (Penn)Estimating Flexible Models of Product Differentiated Demand with Aggregate DataHosted by UMD
11/19/2020Kyle Herkenhoff (UMN)Labor Market PowerHosted by FTC
11/24/2020Tobias Salz (MIT)Auto Dealer Loan Intermediation: Consumer Behavior and Competitive EffectsHosted by UMD
12/3/2020Isaac Sorkin (Stanford)Granular Search, Market Structure, and WagesHosted by FTC
12/8/2020Mike Abito (Penn)Estimation Production Functions with Fixed EffectsHosted by UMD
12/17/2020Daniel Ershov (Toulouse)Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: Empirical Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline MarketHosted by FTC

Spring 2020

CANCELLEDRichard Lindrooth (UC Denver)TBDH332
CANCELLEDAnita Rao (Chicago Booth)TBDH332
CANCELLEDMaryam Saeedi (CMU Tepper)TBDH332
CANCELLEDSerguei Netessine (Penn Wharton)TBDH332
CANCELLEDKyle Herkenhoff (NY Fed)TBDH332
CANCELLEDAli Yurukoglu (Stanford GSB)TBDH332
CANCELLEDJonathan Guryan (Northwestern)The Effects of Sexism on American Women: The Roles of Norms vs. DiscriminationH332
CANCELLEDMark Duggan (Stanford)TBDH332
CANCELLEDAditi Sen (JHU Bloomberg)TBDH332
CANCELLEDIsaac Sorkin (Stanford)Granular Search, Market Structure, and WagesH332
CANCELLEDJudith Chevalier (Yale SOM)TBDH332

Fall 2019

9/12/2019Matt Knepper (BEA)Employment Discrimination across the Business CycleH332
9/19/2019Elizabeth Weber Handwerker (BLS)Megafirms and Monopsonists: Not the same employers, not the same workersH332
9/26/2019Anna Tuchman (Kellogg)The Impact of Soda Taxes: Pass-Through, Tax Avoidance, and Nutritional EffectsH332
10/3/2019Stefania Albanesi (Pittsburgh)Predicting Consumer Default: A Deep Learning ApproachH332
10/10/2019Lauren Russell (Penn)Price Effects of Non-Profit College and University MergersH332
10/17/2019Josh Feng (Utah Eccles)Pricing Intermediaries in Prescription Drug Markets: Impact and Policy ImplicationsH332
10/24/2019Greg Lewis (Microsoft Research)The Welfare Impact of Online Reviews: A Case Study of the Hotel IndustryH332
10/31/2019Chris Conlon (NYU Stern)Testing the Common Ownership HypothesisH432
11/7/2019Kate Ho (Princeton)Health Insurance Menu Design: Managing the Spending-Coverage TradeoffH332
11/14/2019No seminarFTC Microeconomics ConferenceH332

No seminar


12/5/2019Susana Vasserman (Stanford)Voluntary Disclosure and Personalized PricingH332
12/19/2019Katja Seim (Yale)Taxes or Broadband NetworksH332

Spring 2019

2/28/2019Jason Abaluck (Yale SOM)Less is more: Improving choices by limiting choices in health insurance marketsH332
3/7/2019Garrett Johnson (BU Questrom)

The online impact of privacy regulation: An early look at Europe's GDPR


3/14/2019Marshall Steinbaum (Utah)Labor market concentrationH332
3/21/2019Matt Grennan (Wharton)Mergers and marginal costs: New evidence on hospital buyer powerH332
3/28/2019Abe Dunn (BEA)Are medical care prices still declining?  A systematic examination of quality-adjusted price index alternatives for medical careH332
4/4/2019Molly Schnell (Northwestern)Physician behavior in the presence of a secondary market: The case of prescription opiodsH332



Gabrielle Rovigatti (Bank of Italy)From mad men to maths men: Concentration and buyer power in online advertisingH332
4/18/2019Andrey Simonov (Columbia Business School)Competitive advertising on brand search: Traffic stealing, adverse selection, and customer confusionH332
4/25/2019John Haltiwanger (Maryland)The life-cycle growth of plants: The role of productivity, demand, and wagesH332
5/2/2019Patrick McAlvanah (FTC)Pay every subject or pay only some?H332
5/9/2019Constantine Yannelis (Chicago Booth)Loan guarantees and credit supplyH332
5/16/2019Itai Ater (Tel Aviv University)The effects of mandatory disclosure of supermarket pricesH332
5/23/2019Dan Bjorkegren (Brown)Competition in network industriesH332
5/30/2019Salvador Navarro (Western Ontario)Human capital and migration: A cautionary taleH332
6/6/2019Eric Sager (Fed)What are the price effects of trade? Evidence from the U.S.H332
6/13/2019John Asker (UCLA)A computational framework for analyzing dynamic procurement auctions: The market impact of information sharingH332
6/20/2019Avi Goldfarb (Toronto)Could Machine Learning be a General Purpose Technology? Evidence from Online Job PostingsH332



Florian Ederer (Yale)Killer acquisitionsH332

Fall 2018

8/2/2018Itay Fainmesser (JHU)The market for online contentH294
9/6/2018Brent Hickman (Queens)How efficient are decentralized auction platforms?H332
9/13/2018Jack Mountjoy (Booth)Community colleges and upward mobilityH332
9/20/2018Desire Kedgani (Iowa State)Identifying treament effects in the presence of confounded typesH332
9/27/2018Katalin Springel (Georgetown)Network externality and subsidy structure in two-sided markets: Evidence from electric vehicle incentivesH294
10/4/2018Elie Prager (Kellogg)Consumer responsiveness to simple health care prices: Evidence from tiered hospital networksH294
10/11/2018Nathan Miller (Georgetown)Oligopolistic price leadership: An empirical model of the U.S. beer industryH332
10/18/2018Dan Grodzicki (Penn State)The credit consequences of unpaid medical billsH332
10/25/2018Peter Blair (Harvard)Job market signaling through occupational licensingH332
11/1/2018No seminarFTC Microeconomics Conference 
11/8/2018Alice Chen (USC)Physician fraud deterrenceH332
11/15/2018Thomas Wollmann (Booth)How to get away with merger: Stealth consolidation and its effect on US healthcareH332
11/22/2018No seminar (Thanksgiving) H332
11/29/2018Simha Mummalaneni (Washington)How effective is product placement as a marketing tool?H332
12/6/2018Mo Xiao (Arizona)License complementarity and package bidding: The U.S. spectrum auctionsH332



Leslie Marx (Duke Fuqua)Coordinated effectsH332
12/13/2018Michael Dickstein (NYU)Take up, drop-out, and spending in ACA marketplacesH332


Spring 2018

3/1/2018Michael Darden (GWU)Hospital pricing and public paymentsH332
3/8/2018Alberto Galasso (Toronto)The diffusion of new institutions: evidence from renaissance Venice's patent systemH332
3/15/2018Guillermo Marshall (Illinois)Search and wholesale price discriminationH332
3/22/2018Thomas Hubbard (Kellogg)When demand increases cause shakeoutsH332
3/29/2018Daniel Martin (Kellogg)Complex disclosureH332
4/5/2018Sarah Moshary (Penn)Market structure and product variety: Evidence from a natural experiment in liquor licensureH332
4/12/2018Matt Schmitt (UCLA)Is pharmaceutical demand sensitive to new clinical evidence? Estimates from pediatric labeling changesH332
4/19/2018Scott Nelson (Chicago Booth)Private information and price regulation in the US credit card marketH332
4/26/2018Effi Benmelech (Kellogg)Strong employers and weak employees: how does employer concentration affect wages?H332
5/3/2018Heski Bar-Isaac (Toronto)Vertical information restraints: Pro- and anti-competitive impacts of minimum advertsied priceH332
5/10/2018Hanming Fang (Penn)Partial rating area offering in the ACA marketplaces: Facts, theory and evidenceH332
5/17/2018Gaurab Aryal (Virginia)Public communication and collusion in the airline industryH332
5/24/2018Eric Barrette (HCCI)Markups versus discounts?  Implications of the structure of hospitals' managed care contractsH332
5/31/2018Justin Johnson (Cornell)The agency and wholesale models in electronic content marketsH332
6/7/2018Robert McMillan (Toronto)Education reform in general equilibrium: Evidence from California's class size reductionH332
6/21/2018Gloria Sheu and Charles Taragin (DOJ)Simulating mergers in a vertical supply chain with bargainingH294


Fall 2017

8/17/2017Michael Kummer (Georgia Tech)When Private Information Settles the Bill: Money and Privacy in Google's Market for Smartphone ApplicationsH332
8/31/2017Kerry Tan (Loyola)Mergers and Product Quality: A Silver Lining from De-Hubbing in the U.S. Airline IndustryH432
9/7/2017Sandro Ambuehl (Toronto)For They Know Not What They Do. Incentives with Costly Information AcquisitionH332
9/14/2017  H332
9/21/2017Stephen Ryan (Wash U)Classification Trees for Heterogeneous Moment-Based ModelsH332
9/28/2017Dan O'Brien (Bates White)The Competitive Effects of Common Ownership: Economic Foundations and Empirical EvidenceH332
10/5/2017Zach Brown (Columbia)An Empirical Model of Price Transparency and Markups in Health CareH332



Kurt Lavetti (Ohio State)Physician Concentration and Negotiated Prices: Evidence from State Law ChangesH332
10/19/2019Nolan Pope (Maryland)The Unintended Impact of Pretrial Detention on Case Outcomes: Evidence from NYC ArraignmentsH332
10/26/2017Soheil Ghili (Yale)Network Formation and Bargaining in Vertical Markets: The Case of Narrow Networks in the Health Insurance IndustryH332
11/2/2017FTC Microeconomics Conference  
11/9/2017Mitsuru (Michi) Igami (Yale)Measuring the Incentive to Collude: The Vitamin Cartels, 1990–1999H332
11/16/2017Fernando Luco (Texas A&M)Who Benefits from Information Disclosure?  The Case of Retail GasolineH332
11/30/2017Tobias Salz (Columbia)Intermediation and competition in search markets: An empirical case studyH332
12/7/2017Will Dobbie (Princeton)Discretion and Bias in Consumer LendingH332
12/14/2017Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez (Yale)Playing Checkers in ChinatownH332


Spring 2017

3/2/2017Sylvia Hristakeva (UCLA)How Do Vertical Contracts Affect Product Availability? An Empirical Study of the Grocery IndustryH294 
3/9/2017  H294 
3/16/2017Ying Fan (Michigan)Competition, Product Proliferation and Welfare: A Study of the U.S. Smartphone MarketH294 
3/23/2017Michael Sinkinson (Wharton)Ask Your Doctor? Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of PharmaceuticalsH294 
3/30/2017Emily Wang (UMass)Demand for 'Healthy' Products: False Claims in AdvertisingH332 
4/6/2017Andrew Sweeting (Maryland)Dynamic Oligopoly Pricing with Asymmetric Information: Implications for MergersH294 
4/13/2017Emek Basker (Census)Customer-Employee Substitution: Evidence from Gasoline StationsH332 
4/20/2017Brad Larsen (Stanford)A Mechanism Design Approach to Identification and EstimationH432 
4/27/2017Andrew Butters (Indiana)What Drives Market Integration? Evidence From the Electric Power MarketH332 
5/4/2017Yesim Orhun (Michigan)Reaching for the Gold: The Impact of Status Incentives on Airline LoyaltyH332 
5/11/2017TI Kim (Emory)Hospital AdvertisingH332 
5/18/2017Nathan Miller (Georgetown)Finding Mr. Schumpeter: An Empirical Study of Competition and Technology AdoptionH294 
5/24/2017 (Wednesday)David Chan (Stanford)Price Setting by Committee in MedicareH294 
6/1/2017Federico Ciliberto (Virginia)Price Discrimination in International Airline MarketsH332 
6/8/2017Ashley Swanson (Wharton)Betting on Your Health: How Uncertainty Affects Physician DecisionsH294 
6/15/2017Dmitry Taubinsky (Dartmouth)Attention Variation and Welfare: Theory and Evidence from a Tax Salience ExperimentH294 


Fall 2016

8/11/2016Bob Kulick (Maryland)Horizontal Mergers, Prices, and ProductivityH332 
9/1/2016Nick Buchholz (Princeton)Spatial Equilibrium, Search Frictions and Efficient Regulation in the Taxi IndustryH532 
9/8/2016  H532 
9/15/2016Leemore Dafny (HBS)The Price Effects of Cross-Market Mergers: Theory and Evidence from the Hospital IndustryH532 
9/22/2016Chenyu Yang (Rochester)Does Vertical Integration Increase Innovation?H532 
9/29/2016Alan Sorensen (Wisconsin)Information and Innovation Diffusion: The Case of Pharmaceuticals in the United StatesH532 
10/6/2016Kevin Williams (Yale)Zone Pricing and Strategic Interaction: Evidence from DrywallH532 
10/13/2016Panle Jia Barwick (Cornell)Local Protectionism, Market Structure, and Social Welfare: China's Automobile MarketH532 
10/20/2016Chiara Farronato (HBS)Market structure with the entry of peer-to-peer markets: The case of hotels and AirbnbH532 
10/27/2016Brett Hollenbeck (UCLA)Horizontal Mergers and Innovation in Concentrated IndustriesH532 
11/3/2016-11/4/2016FTC Micro Conference   
11/10/2016Eugenio Miravete (Texas)Innovation, Emissions Policy, and Competitive Advantage in the Diffusion for European Diesel AutomobilesH532 
11/17/2016John Lazarev (NYU)Input Allocation and Downstream Market Structure: Slot Control in the U.S. Airline IndustryH332 
11/24/2016No seminar (Thanksgiving)   
12/1/2016Ryan McDevitt (Duke)Demand, Regulation, and Welfare on the Margin of Alternative Financial ServicesH532 
12/8/2016Eric Nielsen (Fed Board)Achievement Gap Estimates and Deviations from Cardinal ComparabilityH532 
12/15/2016Devin Pope (Chicago Booth)What Motivates Effort?  Evidence and Expert ForecastsH532 


Spring 2016

3/3/2016Thomas Jeitschko (Michigan State)Bundling and Joint Marketing by Rival FirmsH332 
3/10/2016Paul Ellickson (Rochester)Measuring Competition in Spatial Retail: An Application to GroceriesH332 
3/17/2016Mark Shepard (Harvard Kennedy)Hospital Network Competition and Adverse SelectionH532 
3/24/2016Jon Krosnick (Stanford) H332 
3/31/2016Hunt Alcott (NYU)The Welfare Effects of Nudges: A Case Study of Energy Use Social ComparisonsH332 
4/7/2016Jonathan Williams (UNC)The Tragedy of the Last Mile: Congestion Externalities in Broadband NetworksH332 
4/14/2016Yunmi Kong (NYU)Sequential Auctions with Synergy and AffiliationH332 
4/21/2016Emily Nix (Yale)Learning Spillovers in the FirmH332 
4/28/2016Jeremy Tobacman (Wharton)TBDH332 
5/5/2016JF Houde (Wharton)Measuring Substitution Patterns in Differentiated Products IndustriesH332 
5/12/2016Zack Cooper (Yale)Politics, Medicare Payments, and Hospital BehaviorH432 
5/19/2016Michael Falkenheim (OMB)A Model of the Multiemployer Pension SystemH332 
5/26/2016Nick Papageorge (JHU)Positively Aware?  Expert Drug Reviews and the Downside of InformationH332 
6/2/2016Navdeep Sahni (Stanford GSB)TBDH332 


Fall 2015

August 13Mitsukuni Nishida (JHU)Dynamic Franchising DecisionsH332 
September 17Peter NewberryAmazon Distribution CentersH532 
September 24Mark ShepardHospital Network Competition and Adverse Selection: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Insurance ExchangeH332 
October 1Mike AbitoOn the Relevance of Probability Distortions in the Extended Warranties MarketH332 
October 5William Greene (NYU)The world’s best healthcareH332 
October 14Amalia R. Miller (UVA)Privacy Protection, Personalized Medicine and Genetic TestingH332 
October 22Brian Caplan (GMU)The Selfish and Social Returns to EducationH332 
October 29Petra MoserPatents, Competition, and Innovation - Evidence from Compulsory Licensing during WWIH332 
November 5John Solow (Iowa)Patent Pools and Cartel StabilityH332 
November 12FTC Microeconomics Conference   
November 19Andrei Hagiu (HBS)Enabling vs. EmployingH532 
November 26Thanksgiving   
December 3Jonathan Lafky (Lafayette)TBDH332 
December 10Daniel GrossCreativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Creative ProductionH332 
December 17Gautam Gowrisankaran (Arizona)Myopia and Complex Dynamic IncentivesH532 


Spring 2015

March 5_snow_day   
March 12Allan Collard-Wexler (Duke)Bargaining in Bilateral Oligopoly  
March 19Larry White (NYU)The Credit Rating Agencies: An Analysis through the Lenses of Industrial Organization, Finance, and Regulation.  
April 02Ethan LieberMoral Hazard in Search  
April 09Charles Murry (Penn State)Advertising in Vertical Relationships: An Equilibrium Model of the Automobile Industry  
April 16Dominic Coey (ebay)The Bidder Exclusion Effect  
April 21Matthew GentzkowSources of Geographic Variation in Health Care: Evidence from Patient Migration  
April 30    
May 07Nick PapageorgeThe Economic Value of Breaking Bad Misbehavior, Schooling and the Labor Market  
May 13Hal VarianGoogle Tools for Data  
May 21Tatiana HomonoffConsumer Borrowing After Payday Loan Bans  
May 28Nathan MillerMergers Facilitate Tacit Collusion: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Brewing Industry  
June 04Ilya Rahkovsky (USDA)"What Drives Nutritional Disparities? Retail Access and Food Purchases Across the Socioeconomic Spectrum"  


Fall 2014

August 28Patrick McAlvanahTime Preferences and Consumer BehaviorH332 
September 17Keith EricsonWhen Consumers Do Not Make an Active Decision: Dynamic Default Rules and their Equilibrium EffectsH432Tuesday
September 23Matthew EisenbergThe Impact of Competition on Quality in Physician Markets: Evidence from CardiologistsH532 
September 25Kelly Bedard (UCSB)Making Nutritional Information Digestible: Effects of a Receipt-Based Intervention on Restaurant PurchasesH332 
October 2Franklin Fisher (MIT)Water for Peace: A Game Changer For Israel, Palestine, and The Middle EastH332 
October 9Mark Rysman (Boston University)TBDH332 
October 16MICRO CONFERENCE----  
October 23Jeff Perloff (Berkeley)Do Supermarkets Adjust Prices Asymmetrically?H332 
October 30Peter Leeson (George Mason)TBDH332 
November 6James Roberts (Duke)An Empirical Model of Dynamic Limit Pricing: The Airline IndustryH332 
November 13Mara LedermanCompetition and Price Discrimination When Consumers are Heterogeneous on Multiple DimensionsH332 
November 20Benjamin Shiller (Brandeis)First-Degree Price Discrimination Using Big DataH481 
November 27Thanksgiving----  
December 4Ryan Conrad (FDA)The Intersection of Shared Generic Exclusivity and Authorized GenericsH332 
December 10Guido Imbens (Standford GSB)Finite Population Causal Standard ErrorsH332Wednesday
December 18Jesse Shapiro (Univ. of Chicago/Brown)TBDH481 


Spring 2014

March 06Luke Froeb (Vanderbilt)A Theory of Competitive FramingNJ-B 
March 13David Friedman NJ-BSeminar starts at 3pm
March 20Heidi Williams (MIT)Do Fixed Patent Terms Distort Innovation? Evidence from Cancer Clinical TrialsNJ-4100 
April 10Matthew Grennan (UPenn)TBAM-Street 
April 17Ernst Berndt (MIT)The Regulation of Prescription Drug Competition and Market Responses: Patterns in Prices and Sales Following Loss of ExclusivityNJ-B 
April 24Juha SiikamakiNudging Energy Efficiency Behavior: The Role of Information LabelsNJ-B 
May 01Avi Dor (George Washington)Impact of Mortality-Based Performance Measures on Hospital Pricing: the Case of Colon Cancer SurgeriesNJ-B 
May 08Ralph Winter (University of British Columbia)Exclusionary ContractsNJ-B 
May 15Petra Persson NJ-B 
May 22Kevin Thom (NYU)Smoking, Genes and HealthNJ-B 
May 27Andrew CaplinRevealed Preference, Rational Inattention and Costly Information AcquisitionNJ-B 
June 12James Sallee NJ-4100 


Fall 2013

10-OctJuha Siikamaki“Nudging Energy Efficiency Behavior:
The Role of Information Labels”
17-OctPetra Persson (Harvard Fellow)"Attention Manipulation and Information Overload"NJ-4100 
24-OctSteve Puller (Texas A&M)“Behavioral Responses to Increased Household
Fuel Economy: Regression Discontinuity Evidence”
7-NovFTC Microeconomics Conference  
8-NovFTC Microeconomics Conference  
14-NovPedro Bordalo"Salience and Consumer Choice"NJ-C 
21-NovAyelet GneezyTBANJ-4100 
28-NovThanksgiving Day   
5-DecBart Hamilton (WUSTL)"Health and the Option Value of Medical Innovation"NJ-C 
9-DecLarry Samuelson (Yale)“Reputations in Repeated Games”NJ-4100This is a Monday
12-DecChristopher Knittel"Who is Exposed to Gas Prices? How Gasoline Prices
Affect Automobile Manufacturers and Dealerships"
19-DecPaul RubinTBAM-8048 

Spring 2013

Mar 07Ryan Lampe
Patent Pools, Competition, and Innovation – Evidence from 20 U.S. Industries under the New DealM8089 
Mar 14Petra Persson
(Harvard Fellow)
Attention Manipulation and Information OverloadNJ-A 
Mar 21Luis Cabral
(Stern NYU)
Dynamic Pricing in Customer Markets with Switching CostsNJ-C 
Mar 28Yongmin Chen (Colorado)Monopoly Differential Pricing and WelfareM8089 
Apr 04Suhui Li (GWU)How Do Hospitals Respond to Market Entry? Evidence from the Pennsylvania Cardiac Revascularzation MarketM8089 
Apr 11Elena Patel
(U.S. Treasury)
An Empirical Analysis of Mergers Between Nonprofit and For-Profit Firms: An Application in the Hospital IndustryNJ-A 
Apr 18Ginger Jin
Apr 25Marc Remer
(U.S. DOJ)
Approximating the Price Effects of Mergers: Numerical Evidence and an Empirical ApplicationNJ-A 
May 02Robert Letzler (FTC)Everyone Believes in Redemption: Nudges and Overoptimism in Costly Task CompletionNJ-C 
May 09Steven Berry
Identification in Differentiated Products Markets Using Market Level DataNJ-A 
May 16Charles Manski (Northwestern)Policy Evaluation in Uncertain WorldNJ-A 
Jun 7Kate Ho & Robin LeeInsurer Competition and Negotiated Hospital PricesNJ-B 

Fall 2012



28-SepGlen Weyl (Univ. of Chicago)Pass-Through as an Economic ToolNJNJBThis is a Friday.
11-OctEric ZitzewitzFigure Skating/CorruptionNJNJ4100 
18-OctBrian McManusQuality Certification, Competition, and Performance in an Online MarketplaceNJNJ4100 
25-OctRandall Lewis (Yahoo)Advertising ExternalitiesNJNJC 
7-NovDirk Bergemann (Yale) M StreetM8089This is a Wed.
29-NovAmy Finkelstein (MIT)Estimating Welfare in Lemons MarketsNJNJ4100 
6-DecChuck Thomas (Economic Science Institute, Chapman University)An Alternating-Offers Model of Multilateral NegotiationsNJNJ4100 
13-DecJames Adams (Rensselaer)Research Joint Ventures:  Reference Points, Moral Hazards, and UncertaintyM StreetM8089 
18-DecAmit Gandhi (Wisconsin)Estimating Discrete Choice Demand Models with a "Small" Number of ConsumersNJNJBThis is a Tuesday.

Spring 2012



Mar 1Avi Goldfarb (Toronto)
Technology, Age, and Shifting Privacy Concerns?
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
Mar 8Paul Niehaus (UCSD)
Managing Self-Confidence: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
Mar 15Jeffrey Prince (Indiana)
Does Service Bundling Reduce Churn?
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Conference Room B
Mar 22Matthew Lewis (OSU)
Diagnosing Hospital System Bargaining Power in Managed Care Networks 
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100 and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) 1800 M Street Building, Room 8084
Mar 29Mike Sinkinson (Harvard)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Conference Room B
Apr 5Jay Shimshack (Tulane)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100 and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) 1800 M Street Building, Room 8084
Apr 12Carl Davidson (Michigan State)
Pigou, Becker, and the Regulation of Punishment-Proof Firms 
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
May 3Justin Sydnor (Wisconsin)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
May 10Dmitry Lubensky (Indiana School of Business)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Conference Room B and Video Teleconferencing (VTC) 1800 M Street Building, Room 8084
May 17Andrew Sweeting (Duke)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Conference Room B

Fall 2011



Sep 29Mark Dean (Brown)
Search and Satisficing (with Andrew Caplin and Daniel Martin)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room NJ-B
Oct 13Yi Qian (Northwestern)
Oct 17Mo Xiao (Arizona)
Entry under Subsidy: the Competitive U.S. Local Telephone Industry (with Ying Fan)
Note: This seminar is on a Monday.
Oct 20Andrew Toole (ERS)
The R&D Investment-Uncertainty Relationship:  Do Strategic Rivalry and Firm Size Matter?
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Oct 31John Asker (NYU Stern)
Exclusionary Minimum Resale Price Maintenance (with Heski Bar-Isaac)
NJ Conference Room A and Simulcast to M Street
Note: This seminar is on a Monday at 12:00
Nov 10Abe Dunn (BEA)
Physician Market Power and Medical-Care Expenditures (with Adam Hale Shapiro)
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Nov 17John Driscoll (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
Dec 1Michael Salinger (Boston University)
Tying and Bundling in a Nearly Contestable Market
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
Dec 8Paul Ellickson (Rochester)
Density versus Differentiation:  The Impact of Wal-Mart on the Grocery Industry (with Paul L. E. Grieco)
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
Dec 15Mark Duggan (Wharton)
Will Risk-Adjustment Decrease Health Care Costs?  New Evidence from the Medicare Advantage Program (joint with Jason Brown, Ilyana Kuziemko, and William Woolston)
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089

Spring 2011



Mar 3Henry Schneider (Cornell)
Mar 10Joel Waldfogel (Minnesota)
Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie? The Supply of New Recorded Music since Napster
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Mar 17Zahi Ben-David (Ohio State)
Do Financial Counseling Mandates Improve Mortgage Choice and Performance? Evidence from a Legislative Experiment
Mar 24Allen Blackman (RFF)
Does Eco-Certification Boost Regulatory Compliance in Developing Countries?
Mar 31Rachel Croson (NSF, UT-Dallas)
The seminar topic is public radio contributions and is partly based on:
A Field Experiment in Charitable Contribution
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Apr 7Emir Kamenica (Chicago)
Apr 14Liran Einav (Stanford)
Seminar will be based on the following 3 papers:
- Contract Pricing in Consumer Credit Markets
- The Impact of Information Technology on Consumer Lending
- Liquidity Constraints and Imperfect Information in Subprime Lending
Apr 21Brian Melzer (Northwestern)
Competition in Consumer Lending: Payday Loans and Overdraft Credit
Apr 28Patrick McAlvanah (FTC)
Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity
Seminar Postponed
May 5Przemek Jeziorski (JHU)
Estimation of Cost Synergies from Mergers Without Cost Data: Application to U.S. Radio
May 12Bob Hunt (Philadelphia Fed)
The Democratization of U.S. Research and Development After 1980
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
May 19Daniel O’Brien (FTC)
All-units Discounts and Double Moral Hazard
Seminar will be held in 601 NJ Avenue Building, Room 4100
Seminar Cancelled
Jun 2Patrick McAlvanah (FTC)
Impatience, Incentives, and Obesity

Fall 2010



Sep 16Tom Lyon (Michigan)
Competing Eco Labels (with Carolyn Fischer)
Seminar will begin at 10am
Sep 23Catherine Tucker (MIT Sloan)
Privacy and Online Advertising (with Avi Goldfarb)
Oct 7Seminar Cancelled
Oct 14Seminar Rescheduled to Dec 9
Oct 19Matt Osborne (BEA)  please note this seminar is on Tuesday instead of Thursday
Competition Among Spatially Differentiated Firms: An Empirical Model with an Application to Cement (with Nathan Miller)
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building room 4100
Oct 28Emek Basker (Mizzou)
Supersize It: The Growth of Chains and the Rise of the 'Big Box' Retail Format (with Shawn Klimek and Pham Hoang Van)
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Nov 4Mary Beth Deily (Lehigh)
Quality Information and Quality Competition: Evidence from the Pennsylvania CABG Market
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Dec 2Thomas Jeitschko (DOJ)
Pro and Anti-Competitive Effects of Certification in Markets with Asymmetric Information (with Tony Creane and Jinhua Zhao)
Dec 9Wally Mullin (GWU)
Diversity, Social Goods Provision, and Performance in the Firm (with Sara Fisher Ellison and Jeffrey Greenbaum)
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
Dec 16Francine Lafontaine (Michigan) Scale, Scope and Performance (with Renata Kosova and Bo Zhao)
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building room 4100

Spring 2010



Mar 4Scott Hemphill  (Columbia Law)
Bhaven Sampat  (Columbia)
Generic Drug Challenges Prior to Patent Expiration
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Mar 11Aviv Nevo
A Simple Model of Demand Anticipation
Mar 18Ken Corts
Inducing Information Provision through Competition Policy: Prohibitions on False and Unsubstantiated Claims
Mar 24Simon Anderson
Aggregative Games with Entry
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Mar 25Chuck Romeo
Filling Out the Instrument Set in Mixed Logit Demand Systems for Aggregate Data
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Apr 8Tim Brennan
Exclusion vs. Predation: Drawing Lines Between Easy and Hard Abuse Cases
Apr 15Annamaria Lusardi
Debt Literacy, Financial Experiences, and Over-indebtedness
Apr 22Kitt Carpenter
(UC Irvine)
The Drinking Age, Alcohol Consumption, and Crime
Apr 29Dan O'Brien & Dave Schmidt
Predicting Merger Effects Using Price Pressure Indices: Some Preliminary Results
May 6Stephan Meier
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
May 13David Prentice
(La Trobe)
An Empirical Analysis of a Merger in the Australian Cigarette Industry
Seminar will be held in 1800 M Street Building, Room 8089
May 20Baba Shiv
May 27Adair Morse

Spring 2009



Feb 19Patrick Rey
(Toulouse School of Economics)
Resale Price Maintenance and Interlocking Relationships
Mar 12Jay Shimshack
Mercury Advisories and Household Health Trade-Offs
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Mar 26Charlie Holt
(University of Virginia)
Collusion in Auctions for Emission Permits: An Experimental Analysis
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Apr 9Stefano DellaVigna
(UC Berkeley and NBER)
The Effect of Fast Food Restaurants on Obesity
Apr 16Ken Hendricks
Information and the Skewness of Music Sales
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Apr 23C. Lanier Benkard
Simulating the Dynamic Effects of Horizontal Mergers: U.S. Airlines
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
Apr 30Amalia Miller
(University of Virginia)
Electronic Discovery and Electronic Medical Records: Does the Threat of Litigation Affect Firm Decisions to Adopt Technology?
May 7Jonathan Levin
May 14John Thanasoullis
Upstream Competition and Downstream Buyer Power 
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Room 4100
May 19Luke Froeb (Vanderbilt University)
Bernhard Ganglmair (University of Zurich)
An Equilibrium Analysis of Antitrust as a Solution to the Problem of Patent Hold-Up
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Conference Room A at 10:30
May 21Chris Knittel
Estimation of Random Coefficient Demand Models: Challenges, Difficulties and Warnings
(University of California, Davis)
June 4Devin Pope
(University of Pennsylvania)
Is Tiger Woods Loss Averse? Persistent Bias in the Face of Experience, Competition, and Large Stakes
Seminar will be held in New Jersey Avenue Building, Conference Room C

Spring 2008



Feb. 7

Ben Atkinson
(Competition Bureau Canada)
“Price Cycling”
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room B


Feb. 21Robert Clark
Market Structure and the Diffusion of Electronic Banking
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room B
Feb. 28Kim Sau Chung
(University of Minnesota)
Bob Hall
(Stanford University)
“The Incentive to Start New Companies: Evidence from Venture Capital”
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room A
Mar. 13Rachel Soloveichik
(Bureau of Economic Analysis)
“Family Transfers in Rural Mexico, An Application to Risk Sharing and Labor Supply Elasticity”
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room A
Mar. 27Jeff Prince
(Cornell University)
Measuring Welfare and the Effects of Regulation in a Government-Created Market: The Case of Medicare Part D Plans
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room A
Apr. 10Chris Garmon
(Federal Trade Commission)
"An Empirical Test of Bargaining Theory: Major League Baseball's Rule IV Draft"
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room B
Apr. 17

Joe Farrell
“What Is (or Isn’t) the Competitive Process?”


Apr. 24Emily Oster
(University of Chicago)
Routes of Infection: Exports and HIV Incidence in Sub-Saharan Africa
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room B
May 1Phillip Leslie
(Stanford University)
The Welfare Effects of Ticket Resale
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room C
May 8Claudio Lucarelli
(Cornell University)
Government Policy and the Dynamics of Market Structure: Evidence from Critical Access Hospitals
NJ Avenue Conference Center Room B
Greg Crawford
NJ Room 4100

Fall 2007



Sept. 6Michael Baye
(FTC and Indiana)
“Clicks, Discontinuities, and Firm Demand Online”
Sept. 13John Rust
(University of Maryland)
“Pricing and Selling Decisions by Rental Car Companies”
Sept. 20Ana Aizcorbe
(Bureau of Economic Analysis)
“Intermittent Purchases and Welfare-Based Price Deflators for Durable Goods”
Seminar will be held in room 4100.
Oct. 4David Prentice
(LaTrobe and Lehigh)
"The origins of American industrial success:  Evidence from the US portland cement industry."
Oct. 11Sean Nicholson
(Cornell University)
"Is Early Childhood Television Viewing an Environmental Trigger for Autism?"
Seminar will be held in room 4100.
Oct. 18Brian Krauth
(Simon Fraser University)
Bounding a linear causal effect using relative correlation restrictions
Oct. 25Jeremy Fox
(University of Chicago)
“Measuring the Efficiency of an FCC Spectrum Auction.”
Nov. 1Jacques Cremer
“The Value of Switching Costs”
Seminar will be held in room 4100.
Nov. 15Matt Shum
(Johns Hopkins University)
"Estimating First-Price Auctions with Unknown Number of Bidders: A misclassification approach" (with Yingyao Hu)
Nov. 29Oz Shy
“Market Dominance and Behavior-Based Pricing Under Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation.”
Dec. 6Gautam Gowrisankaran
(University of Arizona)
“Dynamics of Consumer Demand for New Durable Goods”
Seminar will be held in room 4100.
Dec. 13Kathy Zeiler
(Georgetown Law)
Seminar will be held in room 4100.

Spring 2007



Jan. 18Avi Goldfarb
(University of Toronto Rotman School of Business)
Geography and Electronic Commerce: Measuring Convenience, Selection, and Price (with Chris Forman and Anindya Ghose)
Feb. 8Elizabeth Kiser and Ron Borzekowski
(Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
The Choice at the Check Out: Quantifying demand across payment instruments
Feb. 15Victor Aguirregabiria
(University of Toronto)
Dynamic Spatial Competition between Multi-Store Firms (with Gustavo Vicentini)
Mar. 8Aviv Nevo
Intermediation in Real Estate Markets: Evidence from (with Igal Hendel and Francois Ortalo-Magne)
Notes: In rm NJ 4100
Mar. 15Michael Nicholson
(Transylvania University)
Technical Assistance for Law and Economics: An empirical analysis in antitrust/competition policy. (with Daniel Sokol and Kyle Stiegert)
Notes: In rm NJ 4100
Mar. 22Justin Wolfers
(U Penn Wharton)
Financial Markets and Politics: Evidence from Prediction Markets (with Erik Snowberg Eric Zitzewitz)
[PDF 1] [PDF 2 ]
Apr. 16Ali Hortacsu
What Makes You Click? Mate Preferences and Matching Outcomes in Online Dating (with Guenter Hitsch and Dan Ariely)
Apr. 26
Steve Berry
Horizontal and Vertical Product Variety in Radio Broadcasting (with Joel Waldfogel)
May 11Chuck Thomas
Horizontal Product Differentiation in Auction and Multilateral Negotiations (with Bart J. Wilson)
May 17Michelle Goeree
(Claremont McKenna)
Was Mr. Hewlett Right? Mergers, Advertising, and the PC Industry
May 31Brendan Cunningham
(Naval Academy and FTC)
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Exposure and the Demand for Drugs

Fall 2006



Sept. 14
Michael Salinger
The Role of Cost in Determining When Firms Offer Bundles (with D. Evans)
Sept. 28
Stan Liebowitz
The Effect of Radio Play on Record Sales
Oct. 5Judith Chevalier
State Casket Sales Restrictions: A Pointless Undertaking? (with Fiona Scott Morton)
Oct. 12
Gary Fournier
(Florida State)
What does Willingness-to-Pay reveal about hospital market power in merger cases?
Oct. 17
James Eales
Demand Elasticities for Fresh Fruit at the Retail Level (with C. Durham)
Oct. 26
David Warsh
(Economic Principals)
Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations
Nov. 2
Matt Lewis
(Ohio State)
Temporary Wholesale Gasoline Price Spikes have Long-lasting Retail Effects: The Aftermath of Hurricane Rita
Nov. 9
Room 4100
Christopher R. Knittel (California, Davis)
Strategic Incompatibility in ATM Markets (with Victor Stango of The Tuck School)
Nov. 13
James C. Miller III
(Chairman, Board of Governors USPS )
Nov. 16
Pai-Ling Yin
(Harvard Business School)
Economic and Technical Drivers of Technology Choice: Browsers. (with Timothy F. Bresnahan)
Dec. 1
Nicholas Souleles
Do Consumers Choose the Right Credit Contracts? (with S. Agarwal, S. Chomsisengphet, and C. Liu)
Dec. 6
Erich J. Muehlegger
Measuring Illegal Activity and the Effect of Regulatory Innovation: A Study of Diesel Fuel Tax Evasion

Winter/Spring 2006



Jan. 19
Mark Nadel
How the Standard Residential Real Estate Broker Commission Rate Structure Costs Home Buyers & Sellers Billions
Feb. 16
Mark Skidmore
Do State Motor Fuel Sales-below-cost Laws Lower Prices? (with James Peltier and James Alm)
March 8
Adam Copeland
(Federal Reserve)
Prices, Production and Inventories over the Automotive Model Year 
(with Wendy Dunn and George Hall)
April 6
Chris Dellarocas
The Sound of Silence in Online Feedback: Estimating Trading Risks in the Presence of Reporting Bias (with C. Wood)
April 13
Andrew Fallow
The G8's Vaccine Development Plan: Will it work?
April 27
Ginger Jin
Direct to Consumer Advertising and Prescription Choice (with T. Iizuka)
May 4
Shane Frederick
Cognitive Reflection and Decision Making
May 18
Debra Holt
Television Advertising: Content and Exposure
May 25
Jonathan Zinman
What Monthly Payment Gets You in This Car: Payment/Interest Bias and the Market for Consumer Loans (with Victor Stango)
June 8
Leslie Marx
Quantitative Analysis of Coordinated Effects
with Bill Kovacic, Bob Marshall, and Steve Schulenberg
June 15Tim Brennan
(UMBC/ Canadian Competition Bureau)
Three 'mini' essays on bundling
New Jersey Ave. - Room 4100
June 27
J. Stephen Clark
(Nova Scotia Agricultural College),
Will Fat Taxes Cause Americans to Become Fatter? Some Evidence From US Meats
(with J. Levedahl)
July 13
Marc Rysman
(Boston University)
Patents and Performance of Voluntary Standard Setting Organizations
(with Tim Simcoe)

Seminar Series - Fall 2005



Sept 21
Yossi Spiegel
(Tel-Aviv University)
Partial Cross Ownership and Tacit Collusion
Oct. 6
Chad Syverson
Market Distortions when Agents are Better Informed: The Value of Information in Real Estate Transactions (with S. Levitt)
Nov. 3*Charles Manski
(Northwestern) Room 4100
Interpreting the Predictions of Prediction Markets
Nov. 10
Susan Athey
Nov. 17*Jesse Shapiro
(Chicago) Room 4100
Fooling Some of the People Some of the Time: Advertising and Limited Memory.
Dec. 1
Jonathan Zinman
What’s Psychology Worth? A Field Experiment in the Consumer Credit Market (with M. Bertrand, D. Karlan, S. Mullainathan and E.Shafir )
Dec. 8Andrew Sweeting
Uniting and Turning the Guns on the Enemy: A Micro Study of Station Ownership, Programming and Listenership in the Music Radio Industry
Dec. 15Amil Petrin
Omitted Product Attributes in Differentiated Product Models

Seminar Series - Winter/Spring 2005



Jan. 27
Leemore S. Dafny
Estimation and Identification of Merger Effects: An Application to Hospital Mergers
Feb. 10
Greg Elliehausen
Mortgage Brokers and the Subprime Mortgage Market
March 3Andrew N. Kleit and James D. Reitzes
(Penn State/The Brattle Group)
Geographic Integration, Transmission Constraints, and Electricity Restructuring
March 17
John Asker
(NYU Stern)
Diagnosing Foreclosure Due to Exclusive Dealing
March 24
Mark Duggan
The Distortionary Effects Of Government Procurement: Evidence from Medicaid Prescription Drug Purchasing (with Fiona Scott Morton)
Seminar will be in NJ 4100
March 31
Eric Posner
(Chicago Law)
Holding Internet Service Providers Accountable (with Douglas Lichtman)
April 14Carl Shapiro
(California Berkeley)
How Strong Are Weak Patents (with Joe Farrell)
April 21Alan Mathios
Regulating Advertisements: The Case of Smoking Cessation Products
April 29
Gregory Duncan
(U.C. Berkeley)
Unbiased Simulators For Analytic Functions and Maximum Unbiased Liklihood Estimation
Seminar will be in NJ 4100
May 5Marcus Asplund
Pricing for Long-Run Profits: The Swedish Tobacco Monopoly 1916-1959
May 12Florian Zettelmeyer
(California Berkeley)
$1000 Cash Back: Asymmetric Information in Auto Manufacturer Promotions
May 20
Michael Smith
(Carnegie Mellon)
Interest-Based Self-Organizing Peer-to-Peer Networks: A Club Economics Approach
Seminar will be in NJ 4100 Conference Room B
May 26Robert McMillan
Different Flavor, Same Price: The Puzzle of Uniform Pricing for Differentiated Products
June 15
Morris Kleiner
(University of Minnesota)
Regulating Occupations: Does Occupational Licensing Increase Earnings and Reduce Employment Growth?
Seminar will be in NJ 4100

Seminar Series - Fall 2004


Seminar Series - Fall 2004



Oct. 7
Jean-pierre H. Dube
An Empirical Model of Advertising Dynamics. (with H.. Hitsch, P. Manchanda)
Oct. 14
Emek Basker
Selling a Cheaper Mousetrap: Entry and Competition in the Retail Sector
Oct. 27
Brian Knight
Are Policy Platforms Capitalized into Equity Prices? Evidence from the Bush/Gore 2000 Presidential Election
Nov. 4
Raphael Thomadsen
The Impact of Location on Prices: An Analysis in the Fast Food Industry
Nov. 17
John Yun
Properties of Retail Product and Promotional Distribution (with Steven Tenn)
Dec. 1
Eric Johnson
Defaults, Framing and Privacy: Why Opting In Opting Out
Dec. 9Francine Lafontaine
( Michigan )
Beyond Entry: Examining McDonald's Expansion in International Markets
Dec. 16
Note New Time: 2:00pm
David Laibson
Shrouded Attributes and Information Suppression in Competitive Markets (with Xavier Gabaix)
Seminar will be in NJ 4100

Seminar Series - Spring 2004


Seminar Series - Spring 2004



Jan. 29
Luke Froeb and Steven Tenn
Merger Effects when Firms Compete on Price and Advertising (with Steven Tschantz)
Feb. 5
Serge Moresi and Steve Salop
(Charles Rivers Associates/Georgetown Law)
Collusive Price Leadership by a Dominant Firm
Feb. 26
Volker Nocke
Do Vertical Mergers Facilitate Upstream Collusion? (with Lucy White)
March 18
Il-Horn Hann
The Value of Online Information Privacy: An Empirical Investigation (with Kai-Lung Hui, Tom S. Lee, and I.P.L. Png)
March 25
Sean Nicholson
Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries (with Patricia Danzon and Andrew Epstein)
April 8
Paul Seabright
(Université de Toulouse)
A minimum of rivalry: evidence from transition economies on the importance of competition for innovation and growth
April 22
Josh Lerner
Cooperative Marketing Agreements Between Competitors: Evidence from Patent Pools” (with Marcin Strojwas and Jean Tirole)
John Cawley
Obesity as a Barrier to the Transition from Welfare to Work (with Sheldon Danziger)
May 6
Chris Adams
Digital Demand: Demand for Digital Cameras on eBay (with William Vogt)
May 12
Patrick Bajari
Economic Insights from Internet Auctions: A Survey (with Ali Hortacsu)
Slides From Presentation
May 20
A. Mitchell Polinsky
(Stanford Law)
Remedies for Price Overcharges: The Deadweight Loss of Coupons and Discounts (with D. Rubinfeld)
June 10
Marshall van Alstyne
Information Asymmetry and Thwarting Spam (with T.Loder and R. Wash)
June 17
Note New Time: 1:30
Cass Sunstein
Debiasing Through Law (with Christine Jolls)
June 24
Haj Hadeishi and Dave Schmidt
An Empirical Analysis of a Merger of Manufacturers of Complementary (?) Goods
Note: Seminar will be in NJ 4100
July 2
Note New Time: 12:00pm
Glenn Woroch
Who Signed Up for the Do-Not-Call List? (with Hal Varian and Fredrik Wallenberg)

Seminar Series - Fall 2003



Oct. 2
Bart Wilson
(George Mason)
Experimental Gasoline Markets (with Cary Deck)
Oct. 30
Resnick Seminar Cancelled
Nov. 6
(Thur. at 1:30)
Nicholas Economides
Competition Policy In Network Industries: An Introduction
Nov. 13
(Thur. at 3:00)
Peter Grajzl and Peter Murrell
Professions, Politicians, and Institutional Reforms
Nov. 20
Abe Wickelgren
Media Mergers and the Ideological Content of Programming (with Dave Balan and Pat de Graba)
Nov. 24
Kyle Bagwell
Collusion with Persistent Cost Shocks (with Susan Athey)
Dec. 1
Michael Whinston
Antitrust in Innovative Industries (with Ilya Segal)
Dec. 5
Jeff Perloff
Welfare, Market Power, and Price Effects of Product Diversity: Canned Juices (with Michael Ward) - Presentation slides available

Seminar Series - Winter/Spring 2003



January 9
Dan Kessler 
"Is More Information Better?  The Effects of 'Report Cards' on Health Care Providers"  (with David Dranove, Mark McClellan, and Mark Satterthwaite) [PDF 278K]
January 16
William Vogt and Hao Xu 
(FTC/Carnegie Mellon)
"Optimal Bidding in Sequential Online Auctions" (with Ashish Arora and Rema Padman) [PDF 140K]
January 23
12:30 p.m.
Daniel Rubinfeld
"Aligning the Interests of Lawyers and Clients" (with A. Mitchell Polinsky)
February 13
Mark Manuszak
(Carnegie Mellon)
"The Impact of Upstream Mergers on Retail Gasoline Markets"
March 25
M. Christopher Auld
(University of Calgary)
Causal Effect of Early Initiation on Adolescent Smoking Patterns
April 2
Igal Hendel
"Sales and Consumer Inventory" (with Avi Nevo)
April 10
Erik Hurst
"Grasshoppers, Ants and Pre-Retirement Wealth:  A Test of Permanent Income Consumers"
April 14
Jeremy Bulow
"Matching and Price Competition" (with Jonathan Levin)
May 1
Dick Wittink
"Flexible Decompositions of Unit-sales Price Promotion Effects Based on Store Scanner Data"
May 22
Sofia Berto Villas-Boas
"Vertical Contracts Between Manufacturers and Retailers:  An Empirical Analysis"
May 29
Michelle White
(Cal-San Diego)
"Explaining the Flood of Asbestos Litigation:  Consolidation, Bifurcation, and Bouquet Trial"


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