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Case Status
Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Physician's Technology, LLC, a corporation; Willow Labs, LLC, a corporation; David Sutton; and Ronald Shapiro, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number
172 3129
Civil Action Number
Federal Court
Eastern District of Michigan

Case Summary

In June 2020, the marketers of a low-level light therapy device (LLLT) called Willow Curve agreed to stop making allegedly deceptive claims that the device treats chronic, severe pain and associated inflammation, under a settlement with the FTC. 

In a complaint filed in federal court the FTC alleged that the marketers of Willow Curve promoted the device nationwide since 2014, touting it as a “smart” device that is “clinically proven,” even though they lack scientific evidence to support these claims. The order settling the complaint also requires two defendants to pay $200,000 each to the Commission. In August 2021, the FTC sent refunds totaling more than $350,000 to defrauded consumers.