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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Money Now Funding, LLC, also known as Money Now Funded, also known as Cash4Businesses, also known as CashFourBusinesses; Rose Marketing, LLC; DePaola Marketing, LLC; Affiliate Marketing Group, LLC; Legal Doxs, LLC, also known as First Business, LLC; US Doc Assist, LLC, also known as First Business, LLC; Affinity Technologies, LLC; Marketing Expert Solutions, LLC; Lukeroy K. Rose, also known as Luke Rose; Cardell Bess, also known as Blaine Thompson, also doing business as JJB Marketing; Solana DePaola; Jennifer Beckman; William D. Claspell, also known as Bill Claspell; Richard Frost, also known as Richard Strickland; Dino Mitchell, also known as Dino Jones; Clinton Rackley, also known as Clinton Fosse; Lance Himes, also known as Lance R. Himes, also known as Raymond L. Himes, also known as Lance Haist; Leary Darling; Donna F. Duckett, also doing business as D&D Marketing Solutions; Della Frost, also doing business as ZoomDocs, also doing business as Zoom Docs LLC; Christopher Grimes, also doing business as Elite Marketing Strategies; Alannah M. Harre, also doing business as National Marketing Group; Ronald W. Hobbs, also known as Ron Hobbs, also doing business as Ron Hobbs & Associates, also doing business as Sales Academy USA, LLC; Janine Lilly, also doing business as Doc Assistant; Michael McIntyre, also doing business as McIntyre Marketing; Benny Montgomery, also doing business as Montgomery Marketing; Virginia Rios, also doing business as V&R Marketing Solutions; and Kendrick Thomas, also doing business as KT Advertising, Defendants
FTC Matter/File Number
122 3216
Civil Action Number
Federal Court
District of Arizona

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