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In the Matter of The Dow Chemical Company, a corporation.
FTC Matter/File Number
081 0214
Docket Number
Enforcement Type
Part 2 Consents

Case Summary

The Commission challenged Dow Chemical’s $18.8 billion proposed acquisition of Rohm & Haas Company as anticompetitive in the markets for various acrylics and other industrial chemicals used to make coated paper products, paints, and adhesives. According to the Commission’s complaint, the product markets in question include acrylic monomers, used in goods ranging from hygiene products to paints and industrial coatings, hollow sphere particles, used in paper products, and acrylic latex polymers, used in traffic paints. Given the high concentration in each of the product markets, the proposed acquisition would have represented a merger to monopoly. To remedy its anticompetitive concerns, the Commission required Dow to divest assets to Hager Pacific Acquisitions LLC.

Case Timeline