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Federal Trade Commission and the State of Nevada v. Cash Today, Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation, The Heathmill Village, Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation, Leads Global, a Nevada corporation, Waterfront Investments, Inc., a Nevada corporation, ACH Cash, Inc., a Nevada corporation, HBS Services, Inc., a Nevada corporation, Rovinge International, Inc., a Nevada corporation, Lotus Leads, Inc., a Delaware corporation, First4Leads, Inc. A Delaware corporation, The Harris Holdings, Ltd., a Guernsey corporation, each doing business as Cash Today, Route 66 Funding, Global Financial Services International, Ltd., Interim Cash, Ltd. And BIF-INT, Ltd., Aaron Gershfield, individually and as director and officers of Cash Today, Ltd., The Heathmill Village, Ltd., and The Harris Holdings, Ltd., Ivor Gershfield, individually and as an officer and/or director of Cash Today, Ltd. And The Harris Holding, Ltd., and Jim Harris, individually and as an officer and director of Leads Global, Inc., Waterfront Investments, Inc., ACH Cash, Inc., HBS Services, Inc., and Rovinge International, Inc..
FTC Matter/File Number
072 3093
Federal Court
District of Nevada