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The FOIA allows the FTC to charge fees to process your FOIA request. If we estimate that the fees for processing your request will exceed $25, we will not begin to process it without your permission. Fees are determined based on the type of requester you are (commercial use, news media/education/non-commercial scientific institution, and all others, including members of the general public) as set out in 16 C.F.R. § 4.8(b).

  • Commercial use requesters such as law firms and businesses must pay for search and review time and reproduction costs.
  • Requesters that qualify as news media/education/scientific/non-commercial scientific institution are not charged for search and review costs and only pay reproduction costs after the first 100 pages. If you are one of these organizations, you may request a fee waiver. You may request documents and a waiver of fees in the same request.
  • Members of the general public pay search costs after the first two hours but do not pay review costs and only pay reproduction costs after the first 100 pages.

You may indicate in your request your willingness to pay fees and the amount. We will not process your request until we have an agreement with you about fees. If the fees total more than $250, the FTC may request payment in advance.

Fee Schedule

Fees for processing FOIA requests depend on the status of the requester. See the chart below:

Requester Fee Categories

Requester Category
Duplication Charges
Commercial (including law firms) Fee Fee Fee for all Duplication
Educational, Non-commercial Scientific Institution, or News Media No Fee No Fee No Fee for first 100 pages
All other requesters (including members of the general public) Fee after 2 hours No Fee No Fee for first 100 pages


Search and Review Fees (per quarter hour):



Other Professional




No fees to be charged if cost for all services is below this amount



Paper to paper copy (up to 8.5″ × 14″)

$0.14 per page

Converting paper into electronic format (scanning)

Quarter hour rate of operator (Clerical, Other Professional, Attorney/Economist)

Other reproduction (e.g., computer disk or printout, microfilm, microfiche, or microform)

Actual direct cost, including operator time

Electronic Services:

Preparing electronic records and media

$10.00 per qtr. hour

Compact Disc (CD)

$3.00 per disc


$3.00 per disc

Videotape Cassette

$2.00 per cassette

Microfilm Services:

Conversion of existing fiche/film to paper

$0.14 per page

Other Fees:


$25.00 each

Express Mail

U.S. Postal Service Market Rates

Records maintained at Iron Mountain or Washington National Records Center facilities (records retrieval, re-filing, etc.)

Contract Rates

Other Services as they arise

Market Rates