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The FTC collects data related to various aspects of its mission and work, and shares that data in different formats and at different levels of frequency. This page links to visualizations, reports, API endpoints, and datasets.

Explore Data with the FTC

Featured Dashboard - Link to interactive U.S. map and other visualizations showing fraud and id theft data by state based on consumer reports.Explore Data lets you dig into consumer data on fraud, identity theft, unwanted calls, and other consumer problems based on reports from the public to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network database and complaints to FTC about unwanted calls. You can explore interactive dashboards to spot trends, find out about top reports, and see what people in your state and around the country are telling us.

Consumer Protection Data Spotlight

Not what you think: Millennials and fraud

Millennials are 25% more likely than people 40+ to report losing money to fraud

Annual Reports

The FTC releases annual data based on reports provided by the public. Reports of fraud, identity theft and other consumer problems are reported in the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. Reports of unwanted phone calls are reported in the Do Not Call Data Book.

Consumer Sentinel Data Book

Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book
Do Not Call Data Book

Do Not Call Data Book

API (application programming interface)

The FTC strives to make its data available in machine-readable formats. It currently makes its HSR Early Termination Notices, related to mergers and acquisitions and released most weekdays, available via an API endpoint.

Data Sets

The FTC makes a variety of data sets related to competition and consumer protection available on an annual basis. It also publishes numbers of unwanted phone calls reported by consumers to on a daily basis.

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