Do Not Call (DNC) Reported Calls Data

This data set includes information on Do Not Call and robocall complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission.


The data contains the telephone number that made the unwanted call, when the call was made, the subject matter of the call, and whether the call was a robocall.

Release Frequency

This data set is typically updated each weekday by about noon Eastern. Weekend data is included in Monday’s file and holiday data is included in the file posted the next business day. This data is used by telecommunications carriers and other industry partners implementing call-blocking solutions to prevent robocalls from reaching consumers.

Week of August 21Week of August 14 
August 22 [CSV, 2.77]August 18 [CSV, 3.66 MB] 
August 19-21 [CSV, 4.73 MB]August 17 [CSV, 3.75 MB] 
 August 16 [CSV, 3.37 MB] 
 August 15 [CSV, 2.82 MB] 
 August 12-14 [CSV, 4.57 MB] 
Week of August 7Week of July 31Week of July 24
August 11 [CSV, 4.0 MB]August 4 [CSV, 4.45 MB ]July 28 [CSV, 3.84 MB]
August 10 [CSV, 3.8 MB]August 3 [CSV, 4.23 MB]July 27 [CSV, 4.03 MB]
August 9 [CSV, 3.39 MB]August 2 [CSV, 3.7 MB]July 26 [CSV, 3.84 MB]
August 8 [CSV, 3.2 MB]August 1 [CSV, 3.14 MB]July 25 [CSV, 25.99 KB]
August 5-7 [CSV, 5.68 MB]July 29-31 [CSV, 5.89 MB]July 22-24 [CSV, 5.15 MB]