CLU Awards

The CLU Prosecuting Attorney's Award and the Criminal Investigator's Golden Shield Award honor the commitment, talent and work of individuals whose efforts in criminal law enforcement have made a significant contribution to the protection of American consumers.

Prosecuting Attorney's Award

To honor prosecutors who have made a significant contribution to the protection of American consumers.

2014 Inspector Cesar Cerecedo Postal Inspector, U.S. Postal Inspection Service 

2013 Hallie Mitchell Hoffman and Kyle F. Waldinger, N.D.Ca.

2012 Jeffery W. Davis and Jamila M. Hall,  N.D.Ga.

2011 Jennifer Arbittier Williams, E.D.Pa.

2010 Ellyn Lindsay, C.D.Ca.

2009 Patrick M. Donley and Peter B. Loewenberg, U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Fraud Section

2008 Bruce E. Reppert, S.D.Ill.

2007 Richard Goldberg, U.S. Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Branch


Inspector Cesar Cerecedo
Postal Inspector, U.S. Postal Inspection Service

For investigations that led to the successful prosecution of almost 60 individuals for their participation in fraudulent enterprises involved in more than six FTC civil cases and four FTC sweeps, including: the massive telephone cramming operation in FTC v. Nationwide Communications; the bogus business opportunities in FTC v. Trans Net Wireless, FTC v. Univend, and United States v. Jumping Java Coffee; the prepaid card and service scam in FTC v. Telecard Dispensing Corp.; Operation Short Change and Operation Lost Opportunity.


Hallie Mitchell Hoffman and Kyle F. Waldinger
Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Northern District of California

For their successful prosecution of the Lin Brothers on charges of conspiracy, mail fraud and money laundering stemming from their participation in FTC v. Inc. 21, a multi-million dollar unauthorized billing scheme that resulted in a civil judgment of $37.9 million and the return of more than $5.4 million to American consumers.


Jeffrey W. Davis and Jamila M. Hall
Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Northern District of Georgia

For helping to bring to justice the principals behind FTC v. Economic Relief Technologies by securing multiple, lengthy prison sentences from charges that included conspiracy, wire fraud, structuring and obstruction for violating the FTC's injunction. Prison sentences included 10 to 17 years for a scheme that preyed on consumers who were in debt and wanted to reduce their credit card payments.


Jennifer Arbittier Williams
Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

For leading the criminal prosecution of FTC v. Mercury Marketing defendant Neal Saferstein and his cohorts on changes of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit perjury and tax fraud. Saferstein engaged in a multi-million dollar scam that defrauded as many as 400,000 small businesses out of as much as $75 million, and is now serving a 15-year prison sentence for his deeds.


Ellyn Lindsay
Assistant U.S. Attorney, Central District of California

To honor Ms. Lindsay for her work in combatting consumer fraud. Working with the FTC, other U.S. law enforcement agencies and Canadian authorities, Ms. Lindsay successfully prosecuted more than a dozen complex consumer fraud cases, including those that preyed on older citizens, bringing more than 40 defendants to justice. Ms. Lindsay advanced the core purpose of the FTC CLU program - coordination and successful resolution of the worst-of-the-worst fraud artists who prey on American consumers.


Patrick M. Donley
Senior Litigation Counsel
U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division, Fraud Section

Peter B. Loewenberg
Senior Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division, Fraud Section

For their impressive, ongoing prosecution of more than 30 criminals based in Costa Rica who stole millions of dollars from vulnerable consumers through sweepstakes fraud.  In that fraud, criminals impersonated FTC officials and tricked consumers into paying taxes and fees before they could collect what turns out to be a bogus foreign sweepstakes prize. Donley and Loewenberg secured lengthy prison sentences, including one sentence of 50 years for the most egregious violator.


Bruce E. Reppert
Assistant U.S. Attorney
Southern District of Illinois

A long-standing partner to the FTC, Mr. Reppert has successfully prosecuted a lengthy list of complex fraud cases arising from or in tandem with cases brought by the FTC. Mr. Reppert was honored in 2008 for his protection of American consumers, including his successful prosecution of a $106 million dollar advance-fee loan fraudulent telemarketing scheme that misled hundreds of thousands of people who had been denied credit to believe that they would get credit cards.


Richard Goldberg
Assistant Director
U.S. Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Branch

CLU presented its inaugural award to DOJ attorney Rich Goldberg to honor his commitment, talent, and efforts in criminal law enforcement and the significant contribution he made to the protection of American consumers. Mr. Goldberg prosecuted business opportunity fraud and investment scam cases resulting in criminal charges against 19 individuals, each of whom was convicted by a jury or pled guilty.

Criminal Investigators Golden Shield Award

To recognize extraordinary work by a criminal law enforcement officer in fighting consumer fraud.


Cesar Cerecedo
U. S. Postal Inspector, S.D. Fl.

Inspector Cerecedo received the award in recognition of his investigative work in support of multiple FTC sweeps and successful prosecutions. Over eight years, his investigations led to successful prosecution of dozens of criminals, including the principals behind prepaid card and service scammers in FTC v. Telecard Dispensing Corp; a massive telephone cramming operation in FTC v. Nationwide Communications; bogus internet kiosk business opportunists in FTC v. Trans Net Wireless; and vending machine and coffee scammers in FTC v. Univend and FTC vs. Jumping Java Coffee. His investigations led to charges and convictions of close to 60 people, including the convictions and sentencing of FTC defendants Paul Pemberton (136 months) and Willoughby Farr (21 years).


Nicholas Alicea
U.S. Postal Inspector, M.D.Pa

Michael Hartman
U.S. Postal Inspector, Consumer Fraud Analyst, USPIS, M.D.Pa

Mr. Alicea and Mr. Hartman recieved this award for their exceptional contributions in connection with the criminal investigation of MoneyGram International Inc. The FTC’s 2009 civil settlement required MoneyGram to pay $18 million in consumer redress and implement and anti-fraud program. Alicea and Hartman led the long-term investigation that resulted in the settlement with MoneyGram forfeiting $100 million to be used to compensate thousands of victims of mass marketing and consumer fraud schemes perpetrated by MoneyGram agents between 2004 and 2009.