Casey's General Stores, In the Matter of

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In the Matter of Casey’s General Stores, Inc., a corporation; Steven Buchanan, a natural person; and Buck’s Intermediate Holdings, LLC, a limited liability company.
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221 0028

Case Summary

The Federal Trade Commission (“Commission”) has accepted for public comment, subject to final approval, an Agreement Containing Consent Orders (“Consent Agreement”) from Casey’s General Stores, Inc. (“Casey’s”) and Buck’s Intermediate Holdings, LLC and Steven Buchanan (“Bucky’s,” and collectively, the “Respondents”).  The Consent Agreement is designed to remedy the anticompetitive effects likely resulting from Casey’s proposed acquisition of retail fuel assets from Bucky’s.  Under the proposed terms in the Agreement, Respondents must divest certain retail fuel assets in seven local markets in Nebraska and Iowa.  Respondents must complete the divestiture within 10 days after the closing of the acquisition.  The Commission and Respondents have agreed to an Order to Maintain Assets that requires Respondents to operate and maintain each divestiture outlet in the normal course of business through the date the upfront buyers acquire the divested assets.