NutriMost LLC

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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. NutriMost LLC, also doing business as NutriMost, NutriMost Pittsburgh, NutriMost System, NutriMost Weight Loss System, and NutriMost Weight Loss Program, a limited liability company; NutriMost Doctors, LLC, also doing business as NutriMost, NutriMost Weight Loss System, EZ Practice Growth, and EZ Practice Management System, a limited liability company, and Raymond Wisniewski, individually and as owner and officer of NutriMost LLC and NutriMost Doctors, LLC, Defendants; and NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss LLC, a limited liability company, Relief Defendant.
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152 3009

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Enforcement Type:

Federal Injunctions

Federal Court:
Western District of Pennsylvania