Publishers Business Services, Inc., et al.

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Federal Trade Commission v. Publishers Business Services, Inc., a corporation, Ed Dantuma Enterprises, Inc., a corporation, also dba Publishers Direct Services and Publishers Business Services, Persis Dantuma, Edward Dantuma, and Brenda Dantuma Schang, individually and as officers or managers of Publishers Business Services, Inc., or Ed Dantuma Enterprises, Inc.
FTC Matter/File Number:

082 3055

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Federal Court:
District of Nevada

Case Summary

Publishers Business Services, Inc., along with other defendents settled Federal Trade Commission allegations that the defendants deceptively telemarketed magazine subscriptions, disguising their sales pitch as a survey, at the end of which they offered "free" or low-cost magazine subscriptions. They then billed consumers hundreds of dollars for the purportedly "free subscriptions," and told them they had entered into binding, non-cancellable "verbal contracts" to buy the subscriptions. The defendents also allegedly harassed consumers at work and at home, in an attempt to get them to pay for the subscriptions, and engaged in other threatening conduct over the phone. 

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