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Specifically, the responsibilities of the Office of the Secretary include:

  • Implementing Commission voting and other decision-making procedures, assigning staff recommendations and requests for action to the Commission, and processing all Commission circulations and votes.
  • Notifying the Commission and its staff of voting and other deadlines and notifying relevant parties of Commission actions.
  • Creating official records of all Commission deliberations and actions taken, whether at Commission meetings or through the voting process, and ensuring that copies of all relevant actions and documents are preserved.
  • Managing the docket for adjudicative proceedings under Part 3 of the FTC Rules of Practice, including answering procedural questions and concerns, scheduling oral arguments, and ensuring timely processing of Commission orders and decisions.
  • Forwarding all Commission notices to the Federal Register for publication after signature by the Secretary or the General Counsel.
  • Publishing the Federal Trade Commission Decision Volumes.
  • Signing or otherwise validating all official documents approved or authorized by the Commission and its delegates, including consent agreements, responses to petitions, and reports.
  • Creating and forwarding electronic copies of most of these documents for publication on at the same time as the relevant news releases.

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