Tech Support Scams Quiz

Tech Support Scams Quiz

You get a phone call, pop-up, or email telling you there’s a problem with your computer. What would you do next?

To test your understanding of tech support scams, choose the correct response for each question or statement.

1. Which of the following scenarios does NOT describe a tech support scam?

A. Someone calls and tells you they’ve found viruses on your computer, then asks for credit card information so they can bill you for tech support services.

B. While you’re browsing online, an urgent message pops up telling you that there’s a problem with your computer and directs you to a website to pay for tech support services.

C. A caller asks you to give him remote access to your computer to fix a problem in your computer.

D. You pay a trusted security professional to check your network for intrusions, and the professional tells you that your network has a problem that needs to be fixed.

2. True or False? You can avoid scams by only taking tech support calls from well-known tech companies.



3. Which of these answers describes the best way to protect against tech support scams?

A. Use a unique password for each account.

B. Scan your computer for any unknown software.

C. Hang up on callers who say your computer has a problem.

D. All of the above.

4. True or False? Small businesses should focus more on other cybersecurity threats, because tech support scammers usually target only large companies.



5. Which is the best way to protect against viruses or other security threats?

A. Call your security software company to review the steps it has taken to set up virus protection and what else it has done or can do to protect your business.

B. Hire a new company that has made the effort to alert you to viruses on your system and offers to help you fix them.

C. Install new virus protection software that you find online.

D. Change the network password.

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