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A vendor whose network is connected to yours gets hacked. The result: your business data and your customers’ personal information has ended up in the wrong hands — putting your business and your customers at risk.

Your vendors can play an important role in keeping your company’s information safe. When selecting a vendor, do you know the right questions to ask? Take this quiz to test your vendor security knowledge.

1. What steps should you take when selecting vendors who will have access to your sensitive information? Pick the best answer.

2. Anyone with access to your business network should be required to use a strong password. How long should a strong password be?

3. Requiring vendors to use multi-factor authentication to access your network makes users take an additional step beyond logging in with a password. True or False?

4. Properly configured strong encryption – recommended for any devices that connect remotely to your network – can help you detect cyber attacks in your system. True or False?

5. What should you do if a vendor has a breach that impacts your business data? Pick the best answer.

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