Consumers File Nearly 63,000 Complaints Against Telemarketers

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As of 8:00 a.m., November 6, 2003, consumers registered with the Do Not Call Registry filed nearly 63,000 complaints against telemarketers who continue to call against the consumers’ wishes. More than 35,000 telemarketing organizations have accessed the Registry, with almost 700 downloading all of the area codes in the Registry.

The Do Not Call Registry, which opened for consumer registrations on June 27, 2003, currently contains nearly 54.3 million telephone numbers. Telemarketers began accessing the Registry on September 2, 2003, through a Web site specifically developed for telemarketers, The telemarketer site permits the user to create an organizational profile that enables them to pay for and obtain the area codes they need to remove registered numbers from their active calling lists.

For enforcement purposes, consumer complaints received into the FTC databases are made available to more than 800 law enforcement agencies, including the offices of all State Attorneys General.

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