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16 CFR 308
Rule Summary

The 900-Number Rule requires disclosures about the cost of telephone-based entertainment or information services -- known as "audiotext" services -- that consumers access by dialing a 900 number. These disclosures must be made in the advertising of any 900-number audiotext service, and also in a free "preamble" message included at the beginning of any audiotext program. The original Rule also prohibits advertising of 900-number services to children under the age of 12, requires special disclosures to callers who may be under the age of 18, and requires disclosures for services that promote sweepstakes or that provide information on a federal program that is not operated by the government. The original Rule also established procedures to enable consumers to dispute charges for billing errors relating to audiotext services. The Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act, under which the original Rule was adopted, mandates that 900-number blocking be made available, so that consumers can exercise meaningful control over access to 900-number services from their telephones.

For more information, see Complying with the 900 Number Rule.