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Case Status
Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Samuel James Smith, also d/b/a Weblio, a/k/a Weblio Squeeze, Robert William Shafer, also d/b/a Shafer MM&I, a/k/a MMI,
Charles joseph Garis, JR., Individually and As an Owner, Officer, and/or Manager of Business Revolution Group Inc., and also d/b/a Joe Gaines, and Business Revolution Group Inc., a Pennsylvania Corporation, also d/b/a Joe Gaines, Defendants.

Case Summary

At the FTC’s request, a federal court has temporarily halted the operation of a sprawling business opportunity scheme that has taken in millions of dollars from consumers with bogus promises of huge returns. The scheme has operated since at least 2018 under a number of names, including “Blueprint to Wealth,” according to the FTC’s complaint. Three individuals -- Samuel James Smith, Robert William Shafer and Charles Joseph Garis, Jr. -- and a company owned by one of them -- Business Revolution Group -- are charged in the complaint with operating the scheme.