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In the Matter of The Boeing Company
FTC Matter/File Number
Docket Number
Enforcement Type
Part 2 Consents
Federal Court
District of Columbia

Case Summary

Consent order permits Boeing's acquisition of Rockwell International Corporation's Aerospace and Defense business subject to a divestiture and other conditions. There are two teams competing to develop high-altitude endurance unmanned air vehicles for the Department of Defense's Advance Research Projects Agency -- Boeing/Lockheed (developing Tier III Minus, a stealthy, high-altitude endurance unmanned air vehicle) and Rockwell/Teledyne (developing Tier II Plus, a non-stealthy, high-altitude endurance unmanned air vehicle). As a result of the acquisition, Boeing would become a member of both teams and could increase the price of the components it supplies or reduce its investment in technology and quality. The consent order allows Teledyne, if it chooses, to replace Rockwell as its wing supplier without incurring any significant costs or risks to the project. Terms of the consent order require Boeing to deliver the assets necessary to produce the Tier 11Plus wings to businesses designated by Teledyne. The order also establishes a "firewall" between Boeing's Tier III Minus business and the Rockwell North American Aircraft Division that provides Tier II Plus wings.

Case Timeline