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In the Matter of Resident Home LLC, a limited liability company also d/b/a Nectar Sleep, DreamCloud Sleep, Awara Sleep, Level Sleep, Bundle Living, 1771 Living, Cloverlane, Wovenly Rugs, Sleep Authority, and Home Well Designed, and Ran Reske, individually, and as an officer of Resident Home, LLC
FTC Matter/File Number
202 3179

Case Summary

Resident Home LLC and owner Ran Reske paid $753,000 to settle FTC charges that they made false, misleading, or unsupported advertising claims that their imported DreamCloud mattresses were made from 100% USA-made materials. According to the complaint, although the company and Reske repeatedly claimed in promotional literature that their mattresses were “proudly made with 100 percent USA-made premium quality materials,” all DreamCloud mattresses were finished overseas, and in some cases were wholly imported or used significant imported materials.  On June 14, 2022, the Commission announced the final consent agreement in this matter.

On March 30, 2023, the FTC began sending payments totaling nearly $45,000 to consumers who purchased DreamCloud mattresses sold by Resident Home, LLC, the parent company of Nectar Sleep, which used misleading “Made in USA” claims to pitch its products to consumers. 

In the next few months, the FTC will be contacting an additional 12,300 consumers who bought DreamCloud mattresses and may be eligible for a payment. Consumers who believe that they may be eligible and want more information about the claims process can contact the administrator, JND Legal Administration, at 844-798-0740.

Case Timeline