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Case Status
Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff v. AH Media Group, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company; Henry Block, individually, and as an officer of AH Media Group, LLC; Alan Schill, individually, and as an owner of AH Media Group, LLC,; and Zanelo, LLC, a Puerto Rico Limited Liability Company, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number
182 3047
Civil Action Number
Enforcement Type
Federal Injunctions
Federal Court
Northern District of California

Case Summary

In September 2019, the operators of a deceptive negative option scheme agreed to a court-ordered preliminary injunction temporarily barring them from a wide range of conduct.  The preliminary injunction stops the defendants from misleading consumers about supposedly “free trial” offers, enrolling them in unwanted continuity plans, billing them without their authorization, and making it nearly impossible for them to cancel or get their money back. In June 2022, the Commission announced it was returning $5.4 million to defrauded consumers.