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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. National Urological Group, Inc. d/b/a Warner Laboratories, National Institute for Clinical Weight Loss, Inc., and Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., corporations, Jared Wheat and Thomasz Holda individually and as officers of the corporations, Michael Howell and Stephen Smith, individually and as officers of National Urological Group, Inc., and National Institute for Clinical Weight Loss, Inc. and Terrill Mark Wright, M.D., individually, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number
022 3165
Civil Action Number
Federal Court
Northern District of Georgia

Case Summary

In October 2017, a federal district judge issued an order finding several defendants, including repeat offender Jared Wheat, in contempt for violating previous court orders related to the sale of weight-loss dietary supplements. The order imposed a more than $40 million judgment against the defendants, part or all of which the FTC may use to provide refunds to deceived consumers who bought the products. In May 2020, the Commission announced that it was mailing refunds totaling more than $8.5 million to defrauded consumers.

Case Timeline