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According to the complaint, SCI’s proposed acquisition of Stewart is likely to substantially reduce competition in violation of federal antitrust law in each of 59 local markets. The complaint alleges that each of these local markets for funeral and cemetery services is highly...
Get two business owners in a room and you’ll get three opinions about how and when to disclose information to prospective buyers.  But if you have clients in the funeral industry, the FTC’s Funeral Rule takes some of the guesswork out of that decision.
The Federal Trade Commission charged Ross-Clayton Funeral Home Inc. in Montgomery, Ala., and its owners, David C. Ross, Jr. and Eleanor Lewis Dawkins, with violating the FTC’s Funeral Rule, which requires funeral providers to provide consumers with important pricing and other disclosures when...
Investigators working undercover in eight states detected significant violations of Federal Trade Commission consumer protection requirements in 23 of 127 funeral homes they visited during 2012.
Consent order permits the acquisition of Equity Corporation International, the fourth largest funeral home and cemetery company in the United States, and requires SCI to divest funeral service and cemetery properties in 14 markets to Carriage Services, Inc. to remedy the...
Service Corporation International (SCI), the nation’s largest provider of funeral and cemetery services, has settled Commission charges that its proposed acquisition of Keystone North America Inc. (Keystone), the fifth-largest funeral and cemetery services provider in North America,...
The Funeral Rule requires providers of funeral goods and services to give consumers itemized lists of funeral goods and services that not only state price and descriptions, but also contain specific disclosures. The "General Price List" (GPL) must list all prices for funeral goods...
Concludes that the basic services fee may not be discounted; that consumers may add additional items to direct cremation, immediate burial, and forwarding and receiving remains without necessarily paying the full basic services fee;  that the Rule requires disclosure of separate...
Discusses the applicability of the Funeral Rule to a company that launches remains into space.
Discusses when fees for basic services of funeral director and staff may be charged.
Discusses whether a sales agent representing several funeral providers may use a single generic General Price List.
Discusses whether a funeral home is obligated to sell caskets without providing any funeral services.
States staff view that discount packages may not discount the basic services fee, that fees for washing and disinfection may not be charged unless required by applicable law, and discusses how fees for off-site and on-site viewing should be described.
Discusses whether a group of funeral homes may use a consolidated General Price List and whether the Funeral Rule applies to pricing issues.
Discusses whether additional information in the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services may be provided.
Discusses whether a fee may be charged for required identification viewing, and the applicability of the Funeral Rule to mandatory identification viewing.
Discusses under what circumstances funeral providers may offer discounts for casket purchases.
Discusses Funeral Rule's requirements for itemization of charges, disclosure of service charges, and whether a private right of action exists under the Rule.