Does the FTC ever use PayPal to send refunds?

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Does the FTC ever use PayPal to send refunds?


Yes, the FTC sometimes uses PayPal to distribute refunds. In these cases, we send an email from the FTC ( to payment recipients. Then, within 24 hours, PayPal sends an email telling recipients how to claim their refund. And, whenever there’s an FTC refund program, information is available at  

How do FTC refunds via PayPal work?

If the FTC sends you a PayPal payment, we will send you an email to explain the payment and offer other payment options. Then, within 24 hours, you will get an email from PayPal. To accept the payment, log in or create a PayPal account at or use the PayPal app.

How do I know if an FTC refund via PayPal is real?

If the FTC sends refunds via PayPal, we will tell you that on our refund page:, where you’ll find a list of current refund programs. Click on a case name to see more details about the refund program, including whether we sent checks or PayPal payments.

Scammers sometimes send emails that pretend to be from the FTC or a company you know. To avoid these scammers:

  • Don’t click on any links in emails that seem to be from the FTC or from PayPal. It’s safer to go to the website by typing the URL into your browser: or
  • Know that the FTC will never tell you to pay money or give sensitive financial information to get a payment.
  • Know that PayPal won’t ask you for any personal information to create an account, besides your name and email address.

Please read the FTC’s article about phishing scams for more information.