Energy Policy Act of 2005


Pub. L. No. 109-58

Under this Act, the Commission is required to: (a) issue additional regulations concerning the energy efficiency labeling of certain household appliances (Section 137, amending Section 324(a) of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act); (b) submit to Congress an annual market concentration analysis of the ethanol production industry to determine whether there is sufficient competition among industry participants to avoid anticompetitive behavior (Section 1501); and (c) conduct an investigation to determine if the price of gasoline is being artificially manipulated and to report its findings to Congress (Section 1809). The Act also authorizes the Commission to issue rules on "slamming" and "cramming" to protect the privacy of electricity consumers (Section 1287), and establishes FTC membership on an interagency task force, which must issue a report to Congress on competition within the wholesale and retail market for electric energy in the United States (Section 1815).