Federal-Mogul Corporation, and T&N PL

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In the Matter of Federal-Mogul Corporation, and T&N PLC
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Part 2 Consents

Case Summary

Federal-Mogul, one of the world's leading producers of thinwall bearings used in car, truck and heavy equipment engines, agreed to divest the thinwall bearings assets it acquired in its $2.4 billion takeover of T&N, plc. to settle FTC charges that the acquisition would likely substantially reduce competition in the worldwide market for thinwall bearings. According to the FTC, Federal-Mogul and T&N, headquartered in Manchester, England, have a combined market share in the United States of nearly 80 percent or more in each of the four markets identified in the complaint. The FTC consent order requiree Federal-Mogul to divest the thinwall bearings business of T&N, which includes the assets and plants that T&N uses to make thinwall bearings, as well as intellectual property that T&N uses to develop and design new bearings to meet the needs of engines that OEMs will develop in the future. To ensure that the divested thinwall bearings business would be in the same position that T&N had been in terms of research, the proposed order identifies individuals in T&N who worked on bearings research and development, and requires Federal-Mogul and T&N to assign those personnel to the businesses to be divested.