Inmate Magazine Service, Inc.

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Federal Trade Commission and Office of the Attorney General, State of Florida, Department of Legal Affairs, Plaintiffs, v. Inmate Magazine Service, Inc., a Wyoming corporation; 318 LLC, a Florida limited liability company (“318 Florida”); 318 LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company (“318 Wyoming”); Inmate Magazine Service of N.A. LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; Inmate Magazines Plus.Com of N.A., LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company; and Roy Snowden, individually and as an officer, member, manager, or owner of Inmate Magazine Service, Inc., 318 Florida, and 318 Wyoming, Defendants.
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202 3089

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Federal Injunctions

Federal Court:
Northern District of Florida

Case Summary

A federal court has temporarily halted the operations of a company that the Federal Trade Commission and State of Florida allege has charged hundreds of incarcerated people and their families millions of dollars for magazine subscriptions that show up late or not at all.  The complaint filed by the FTC and Florida alleges Inmate Magazine Service, Inc. (IMS) and its owner, Roy Snowden, marketed magazine subscriptions to consumers serving prison sentences, as well as their families, offering to send the magazines to the prisoners while they were incarcerated and promising the magazines would arrive within 120 days.