Lead Express, Inc. (Harvest Moon Financial)

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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff v. Lead Express, Inc. a Nevada corporation; Camel Coins, Inc., a Nevada corporation; Sea Mirror, Inc., a Nevada corporation; Naito Corp., a Nevada corporation; Kotobuki Marketing, Inc., a Nevada corporation; Ebisu Marketing, Inc., a California corproation; Hotei Marketing, Inc., a California corporation; Daikoku Marketing, Inc., a California corporation; La Posta Tribal Lending, Enterprise, a tribal lending enterprise, also d/b/a Harvest Moon Financial, Gentle Breeze Online, and Green Stream Lending; Takehisa Naito, in his individual and corporate capacity; and Keishi Ikeda, in his individual and corporate capacity, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number:

192 3208

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Enforcement Type:

Federal Injunctions

Federal Court:
District of Nevada

Case Summary

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a payday lending enterprise with deceptively overcharging consumers millions of dollars and withdrawing money repeatedly from consumers’ bank accounts without their permission. A federal court has entered a temporary restraining order halting the operation and freezing the defendants’ assets, at the FTC’s request.