Attorney Hiring in the Bureau of Competition

The FTC’s Bureau of Competition:

The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition enforces the nation’s antitrust laws. These laws promote vigorous competition and protect consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices, such as monopolistic conduct, attempts to monopolize, and conspiracies in restraint of trade. In addition to its enforcement work, the Bureau also provides guidance about the application of the antitrust laws to various stakeholders, including Congress, policy makers, other federal and state government agencies, foreign governments, industry participants, and the public.

Entry-Level Attorney Hiring:

Candidates must be U.S. citizens to be eligible for a position in the Bureau. The Bureau of Competition recruits talented law students and judicial clerks with backgrounds in business, economics, or antitrust who are interested in public service. Entry-level attorney positions are highly competitive. Factors considered in selecting candidates include academic achievement; law journal or other relevant writing experience; moot court participation; relevant antitrust, business, or economic coursework and experience; and a demonstrated interest in public service. Entry-level attorneys may be assigned to one of the following divisions: Health Care, Mergers I, Mergers II, Mergers III, or Mergers IV.

The Bureau accepts applications for entry-level attorney positions from July 15 through September 10. Interested candidates should apply through a Simplicity job posting at their law school. If the candidate’s law school does not have a Simplicity job posting, the candidate may apply by sending an email to

All candidates must submit a cover letter and resume. If you are recommended for the callback round, we will ask for additional materials. Early applications are encouraged because the Bureau makes offers on a rolling basis.