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You’ve heard of the “right stuff” — the mix of bravery and brass that author Tom Wolfe told us powered the nation’s first astronauts to conquer space. Well, here’s the wrong stuff — a work-at-home envelope-stuffing scheme that bilked more than 50,000 people out of over $7 million.

In a case announced today, the FTC charged that convicted felon David Brookman and his companies falsely promised that people could earn $5,000 a week by stuffing envelopes with flyers and mailing them.

Sign & Drive Leases: ZERO DOWN!!!!!! ALL LEASES ARE Zip, Zero, Zilch — Nothing Down

Sound appealing? That’s exactly what some people around Massillon, Ohio thought when they read those claims in full-page newspaper ads from two local car dealers. But the FTC says ads for Progressive Chevrolet and Progressive Motors didn’t properly disclose restrictions on the offer.

Each year, Cyber Monday promises unbelievable savings – but before you start snagging deals, here are some tips to help you save money and protect your personal information.

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On the Periodic Table of Elements, copper is designated as CU. The FTC’s lawsuit against Tommie Copper, Inc., the seller of copper-infused compression wear, suggests it may be time to conduct a periodic check of the elements in your ads to C that U have proof to back...

People usually think of beacons as radiant lights that attract attention. But the FTC has charged that two Ohio auto dealers (among other things) used the word in a way that kept consumers in the dark.

Ads for Progressive Chevrolet Company and Progressive...

Mark February 9, 2016, on your calendar. That’s when the FTC’s Start with Security roadshow moves to Seattle and you’ll want to be there.

Start with Security is co-...