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Are you a blogger? Do you publish a newsletter, or post helpful information on social media? May is Older Americans Month, and a great time to help the people you care about learn how to avoid fraud. The FTC's free resources will make your job easier.

During this past year, the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have reminded us how important it is to help each other through difficult times. In May, as we celebrate Older Americans Month, remember that one of the best ways to help your friends and family is to pass on what you know about how to spot and avoid Coronavirus-related scams. 

Unwanted calls are annoying. They can feel like a constant interruption — and many are from scammers. Unfortunately, technology makes it easy for scammers to make millions of calls a day. So this week, as part of Older Americans Month, we’re talking about how to block unwanted calls — for yourself, and for your friends and family.

Business Blog

Consumers looking to get their products repaired at independent repair shops or with some DIY often find themselves in a fix. Nixing the Fix: An FTC Report to Congress on Repair Restrictions examines restrictions some manufacturers place on repairs and...

There’s a certain irony in the FTC’s record-setting $20 million settlement with Vivint Smart Home, a national seller of smart home technology platforms, including security devices and monitoring services. One purpose of the company’s products is to help residents...

FTC staff sent 30 warning letters to companies, raising concerns about their COVID-related advertising claims. In two notable ways, some of these letters differ from letters we’ve sent to other marketers pitching products advertised to prevent, treat, or cure COVID...