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Top Ten Report Categories

Graph of consumer reports in Vermont by topic in 2017. The topic with the most reports was imposter scams with 18 percent, followed by identity theft with 13 percent, and prizes, sweepstakes and lotteries with 9 percent.


Fraud & Other Reports/Losses

State Rank
(Reports per 100K Population)
Total Fraud & Other Reports2,417
Total Fraud Losses$.5M
Median Fraud Loss$494

Fraud & Other Reports By MSA

Download Metropolitan Statistical Area data [CSV, .60 KB]

Map of Vermont Metropolitan Statistical Areas showing number of reports per 100K population, ranging from a low of 337 to a high of 401. See attached CSV file for report data by MSA.


Top Identity Theft Types

Graph of consumer reports of identity theft in Vermont by type in 2017. The type with the most reports was credit card fraud with 45 percent of reports, bank fraud with 16 percent, employment or tax-related fraud with 14 percent, phone or utilities fraud with 13 percent, and loan or lease fraud with 6 percent.


Identity Theft Reports

State Rank
(Reports per 100K Population)
Total Identity Theft Reports354

Percentages are based on the total number of relevant 2017 reports from Vermont consumers, as indicated in the chart title. Consumers can report multiple types of identity theft.