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Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz announced today that Ken Glazer, Senior Deputy Director of the Bureau of Competition, plans to leave the FTC this month.

“Ken is a first-rate lawyer and antitrust thinker,” said Chairman Leibowitz. “We are grateful for his service to the public, his contribution to the Commission’s competition mission, and his willingness to help with the transition.”

Glazer joined the Commission in April 2006 as Deputy Director of the Bureau of Competition. In this role, he has been a key member of the management team overseeing the approximately 200-lawyer Bureau. He has also represented the FTC in a number of international gatherings.

Glazer helped oversee the agency’s challenges to several merger transactions including Whole Foods/Wild Oats, Redsky Sky Holdings/Newpark Resources, Polypore/Microporous, and Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He has also played a major role in supervising the Bureau’s pharmaceutical pay-for-delay settlement program, helping to supervise court challenges in Cephalon (Provigil) and Watson (Androgel). He also helped oversee the agency’s review of hospital mergers, including Inova/Prince William.

Glazer helped supervise the Bureau’s real estate program, including seven consent decrees and one Part III case (Realcomp), the standard-setting program, and single-firm conduct and state-action cases. He was instrumental in obtaining consent decrees regarding numerous merger transactions, and in key anticompetitive conduct cases such as Missouri State Board of Embalmers & Funeral Directors, Motor Oil Importers of Puerto Rico, Negotiated Data Solutions, TALX Corporation, Boulder Valley Independent Practice Association, and National Association of Musical Merchants.


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