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During his tenure at the Federal Trade Commission, Orson Swindle has been a staunch advocate for consumer welfare in the United States and abroad. Committed to providing a voice to those consumers least able to protect themselves from fraud, he has consistently championed more stringent bans on illegal conduct; greater redress payments for consumers affected by fraud; and wider investigations of third parties, such as “expert endorsers,” who have willingly participated in perpetrating fraud. Never intimidated, he has stood up to scammers and firmly disputed anticompetitive practices.

His passionate commitment to information security has helped the FTC to push to establish a “culture of security” – from leading the development of international information security guidelines, to testifying before Congress on the importance of information security to consumers and businesses, to working with prominent industry and government representatives, he has fostered lasting awareness of these important issues. His work on privacy issues has helped make the FTC a household name, and privacy will continue to prominently feature on the Commission’s agenda because of his determined efforts.

Having overcome remarkable adversity to attain his current, impressive success, he is an inspiration to me and to the entire Commission. He will be greatly missed, but I am certain that consumers will continue to benefit from his tireless advocacy – delivered with his trademark combination of fervor, warmth, and humor – for many years to come. It has been an honor to have served with him, and I wish him every happiness in his future endeavors.

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