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The Federal Trade Commission is pleased to note the appointment, announced today, of Terry Calvani to be a Commissioner of the Irish Competition Authority. Terry served as a Federal Trade Commissioner from 1983-1990, including as its Acting Chairman from 1985-1986.

Commenting on the appointment, FTC Chairman Timothy Muris stated, "This appointment illustrates dramatically the extent to which antitrust has become a truly global endeavor. Terry brings to his new position a wealth of experience and expertise from the government, private, and academic sectors in the United States. His international experience also positions him well to deal with the increasingly important cross-border aspects of antitrust enforcement, including international cooperation and convergence. Reaching beyond its borders into the global antitrust talent pool to select Commissioner Calvani will enable the Irish Competition Authority and Irish consumers to benefit from this experience. My fellow Commissioners join me in congratulating Chairman John Fingleton and the Irish Competition Authority for their vision, and look forward to working with Commissioner Calvani in his new role."


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Cathy MacFarlane
Office of Public Affairs