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The Federal Trade Commission held the third session of the Hearings initiative, an event co-sponsored with the Global Antitrust Institute and held at the Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia, on October 15-17, 2018.

This is a recording of:

  • Nascent Competition: Economic Incentives and Business Strategies of Tech Firms;
  • Nascent Competition: The Current Analytical Framework
  • Nascent Competition: Is the Current Analytical Framework Sufficient? (panel discussion)

The three-day event examined the potential for collusive, exclusionary, and predatory conduct in multi-sided, technology-based platform industries. The sessions also examined antitrust frameworks for evaluating acquisitions of nascent competitors or occurring in nascent markets, including in the technology and digital marketplace; and the approach to addressing antitrust issues regarding labor markets.

2018 Workshops