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Many charities do a great job supporting our nation’s veterans, but a few take advantage of people’s generosity. This video tells donors how to research charities to avoid donating to a sham charity.

Scam Watch


Speakers - Lois Greisman, Jai Caron Lenoir, Emer Zapanta, and Maureen Elias. 

Unfortunately, we have seen and sued some sham charities that use the word "veterans" in their name. 

People love to give. It's a great feeling to give. But it's also important to know who and what you're giving to. 

Then you can donate to the proper organization that will benefit veterans, 

Call the organization. Ask to speak with someone. 
Talk to them about their mission. Ask them what they're doing. 

You want to make sure your donation counts. 
Go to, where you'll get more information on how to identify sham charities.