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FTC Matter/File Number
202 3122

Case Summary

Gennex Media LLC, which sells customizable promotional products such as wristbands, lanyards, temporary tattoos, and buttons, and its owner, Akil Kurji, will settle FTC charges that they made false, misleading, or unsupported advertising claims that their “Brandnex” products were all or virtually all made in the United States. The complaint alleges Gennex and Kurji violated the FTC Act by claiming on their Brandnex website that the products they sell are made in the United States, when in numerous instances the products are wholly imported from China. Under the proposed settlement, Gennex and Kurji are prohibited from making the deceptive claims alleged in the complaint and are required to pay a monetary judgment of $146,249.24. On April 14, 2021, the Commission announced the final consent agreement in this matter.