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Since 1992, the FTC has conducted a regular, systematic review of all its rules and guides on a rotating basis. Rules and guides are critically important, but need to be reviewed periodically to ensure they are up-to-date, effective, and not overly burdensome. The FTC places each of its rules and guides on a 10-year review calendar. When they come up for review, we ask the following questions:

  • What is the economic impact of the rule or guide?
  • Is there a continuing need for the rule or guide?
  • Are there possible conflicts between the rule or guide and state, local, or other federal laws or regulations?
  • Has the rule or guide been affected by any technological, economic, or other industry changes?

We rely on the public, including consumers, businesses, advocates, industry experts and others to help us decide whether it’s time to update a rule or guide, leave it as is, or even rescind it. We’ve eliminated dozens of rules and guides since we started this process, and modified many others to keep pace with changes in the marketplace.

See the list of rescinded rules and guides, or comment on the rules and guides currently under review during the public comment period.

You can read public comments on our retrospective review program.