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FTC sends settlement payments to University of Phoenix Students

The FTC is sending payments totaling nearly $50 million to more than 147,000 University of Phoenix (UOP) students who may have been lured by allegedly deceptive advertisements. According to the FTC, UOP’s advertising gave the false impression that UOP worked with companies, including AT&T, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Twitter, and the American Red Cross, to create job opportunities for its students and tailor its curriculum for such jobs.

To be eligible for a payment, a student had to meet all of the following criteria:

  • first enrolled in a masters, bachelors, or associates degree program at The University of Phoenix between October 15, 2012 and December 31, 2016
  • paid more than $5,000 with cash, grants, federal and private student loans, or military benefits
  • did not get debt cancellation as part of the FTC's settlement with UoP 
  • did not opt out of the University of Phoenix providing the student’s contact information to the FTC
  • was no longer enrolled at the University of Phoenix as of January 8, 2020.   

If you receive a check, you have 90 days to cash it.

If you receive a PayPal payment and have questions about it, please read our related FAQ.

If you have questions about your payment, please call the refund administrator at 1-877-310-0487.