Formal Interpretations

Accounts Receivable (treatment under §801.21)

Acquisitions By Certain Bank Holding Companies

Acquisitions Made Pursuant to an Order of Divestiture under §802.70

Affidavits filed by Acquiring Persons Making Certain Open Market Transactions

Airlines (transactions between air carriers and others subject to HSR)

Attorney-Client Privilege (assertion in Response to Information Required by the Form and in Response to a request for Additional Information or Documentary Material)

Banking and non-banking businesses under (c)(7) and (c)(8) as amended by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Confidentiality of HSR Information

Early Termination (standards applied in granting or denying request for early termination)

Incorporation by Reference (responding to items in the Form by referring to information or materials accompanying another Form)

Limited Liability Company (LLC) (reportability of transactions involving limited liability companies) (REPEALED - See Formal Interpretation 18)

Number of Original Affidavits and Certification

Pre-existing Notification Program (applicability of Pre-September 5, 1978 Notification Rules)

Repeal of Formal Interpretation 15

Solely for Purposes of Investment Exemption

Subordinated Exchangeable Debentures (whether voting securities under §801.1(f)(1))