1204009 Informal Interpretation

Michael Verne

  - No -that changed
with the 2011 Form change rulemaking. An LLC engaged in commerce is treated
the same as a corporation engaged in commerce, so any acquisition made
through the LLC is reportable, with the LLC as the acquiring UPE. If the
acquisition was being made directly by the tribe, it would not be reportable.

See 801.1 (a)(2)


From: (redacted)
Sent: Monday, April 23, 20129:35 AM
To: Verne, B. Michael
Subject: Interpretation 0403009

Mike,hope all is well with you. I just wanted to confirm that interpretation 0403009continues to express the views of the PNO, such that my client, a federallyrecognized Indian tribe, may, through a wholly owned limited liability company,acquire an energy-related company without the requirement to make an HSRfiling.

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