Refunds for Amazon Flex Drivers

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FTC Plans to Refund Amazon Flex Drivers for Unpaid Tips

Amazon has agreed to pay more than $61.7 million to settle FTC charges that it didn't give Amazon Flex drivers the full amount of tips paid to them by Amazon customers. The settlement requires Amazon to pay the total amount withheld from drivers, and give the FTC the information needed to distribute those payments to affected drivers.

Who is eligible for a payment?

If you were an Amazon Flex driver between late 2016 and August 2019, and your tips were affected by Amazon's policy, you may be eligible for a payment. Flex drivers deliver goods and groceries ordered through programs like Prime Now and AmazonFresh, which allow customers to leave tips for their drivers.

What do Flex drivers need to do now?

Amazon Flex drivers don't need to do anything to get a payment. The FTC’s Office of Claims and Refunds will distribute the funds based on the information Amazon provides.

Keep in mind that the FTC never requires you to pay upfront fees or asks you for sensitive information, like your Social Security number or bank account information. If someone claims to be from the FTC and asks for money, it’s a scam.

Although drivers do not need to do anything, they can sign up to get email updates about this settlement.

When will Flex drivers get their payments?

The FTC will begin the refund process after the 30-day public comment period ends and the settlement is final. The FTC’s goal is to send payments to affected drivers within 6 months of getting both the funds and the data from Amazon.

When the FTC sends out the payments, the FTC will update this web page, issue another press release and blog post, and add details about the distribution to the FTC’s refund dashboard.

What happens after payments are sent?

The FTC will provide a phone number for Flex drivers who have questions about payments.

If any money is left after the refund program is complete, the FTC will send that money to the U.S. Treasury, per the court order. For more information about the process, see How the FTC Provides Refunds.

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