NatureCity, LLC

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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff v. NatureCity, LLC, a Florida limited liability company; Carl Pradelli; and Beth Pradelli, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number:

172 3153

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Federal Court:
Southern District of Florida

Case Summary

In October 2019, the Florida-based marketers and sellers of two aloe vera-based supplements agreed to settle FTC charges that they deceived consumers with false and unsupported claims that two products, TrueAloe and AloeCran, were effective treatments for a range of conditions affecting seniors, including chronic pain, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and acid reflux. The court order resolving the complaint prohibits the sellters from making false and unsubstantiated health claims and requires them to pay $537,500. In May 2000, the FTC announced it was sending checks totaling more than $470,000 to consumers who bought the two supplements.