Wilhelm Wilhelmsen/Drew Marine, In the Matter of

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In the Matter of Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, a public company; Wilhelmsen Maritime Services AS, a private company; Resolute Fund II, L.P., a private company; Drew Marine Intermediate II B.V., a private company; and Drew Marine Group, Inc., a corporation.
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171 0161

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The FTC issued an administrative complaint charging that Wilhelmsen Maritime Services’ proposed $400 million acquisition of Drew Marine Group would violate the antitrust laws by significantly reducing competition in an important market for marine water treatment chemicals and services used by global fleets. Marine water treatment chemicals and services are used by tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, cruise ships, and military support vessels to maintain critical on-board equipment. The FTC alleges that if consummated, the merger would result in a company controlling at least 60 percent of the global marine water treatment chemical and service market, leaving only inferior alternatives for global fleets. The FTC also authorized staff to seek in federal court a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction to prevent the parties from consummating the merger, and to maintain the status quo pending the administrative proceeding.

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