XXL Impressions LLC / J2 Response L.L.P. / Synergixx, LLC

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Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. XXL Impressions LLC, a limited liability company, also doing business as Better Health Nutritionals; Jeffrey R. Powlowski; J2 Response L.L.P., a limited liability partnership, also doing business as J2 Response; Justin Bumann; Justin Steinle; Synergixx, LLC, a limited liability company, also doing business as CTF Media; Charlie R. Fusco; Ronald Jahner; and Brazos Minshew also known as Samuel Brant, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number:

152 3024

162 3033

162 3036


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Federal Injunctions

Federal Court:
District of Maine

Case Summary

In February 2017, the FTC and the Maine AG’s office announced a complaint and three settlements with dietary supplement marketers who allegedly used radio infomercials deceptively formatted as talk shows and print ads featuring fictitious endorsers to advertise supplements purporting to improve memory and to reduce back and joint pain. The settlement orders resolving charges against the named in the complaint bar them from making similar deceptive claims, and prohibit them from engaging in a wide range of marketing practices that have caused serious financial injury to consumers. In April 2015, the FTC sent refunds to consumers who bought one of the company deceptively marketed supplements, CogniPrin. In August 2019, the FTC send refunds to consumers who bought FlexiPrin, another supplement the company sold.

Case Timeline

February 22, 2017