Caribbean Cruise Line, Inc.

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Federal Trade Commission, State of Colorado, State of Florida, State of Indiana, State of Kansas, State of Mississippi, State of Missouri, State of North Carolina, State of Ohio, State of Tennessee, and State of Washington, Plaintiffs, v Caribbean Cruise Line, Inc., a Florida corporation, Linked Service Solutions, LLC, a Florida limited liability company, Economic Strategy LLC, a Florida limited liability company, Pacific Telecom Communications Group, a Nevada corporation, International Telephone Corporation, a foreign corporation, International Telephone, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company, Telephone Management Corporation, an Oregon corporation, T M Caller ID, LLC, an Oregon limited liability company, Scott Broomfield, Jason Birkett, Jacob deJongh, Fred Accuardi, and Steve Hamilton, Defendants.
FTC Matter/File Number:

122 3196


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Federal Injunctions

Federal Court:
Southern District of Florida